DBOS’ CEO Jacqui Miller, Helping Businesses Grow with Efficient Outsourcing Solutions

Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) was founded in 2014 and is a fast-growing premium offshore staffing service provider. The firm operates with a singular view to help businesses reach their full potential to reap the maximum benefit. Jacqui Miller, who is the founding CEO at DBOS, aims at providing quality services with a price advantage to accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Her role as a founder and president of the company also provides her with the opportunity to explain new businesses about the difference that they create as a service provider and the value that can be derived from this association.

The competitive edge at Jacqui Miller’s DBOS is their primary inclination to build relationships between their clients, their core unit, and the offshore staff. This strategy has fostered an ecosystem that has helped retain clients as well as employees. With low-cost solutions catering to the company’s needs, the firm helps them achieve optimal efficiency and bridge any technological gaps. Working on a fundamental to maintain transparency, this outsourcing partner works by eliminating any surplices eliminates through inclusion and crystal clear communication.

Jacqui has always emphasized the importance of organic talent and acquires the best of it through an interactive recruitment process conceived by the firm. To learn more about this visionary CEO, GoodFirms had a dialogue with her as part of an interview series. Below is an extract from that illuminative conversation.

Exacting BPO Services Aligned with the Business Goals:

Understating the growing needs in an atmosphere harbouring mercantilism, small and medium-sized player’s brood over the possibility of expansion. This is where Jacqui steps in with her team offering to change the perception of such businesses, offering them an increase in their savings through reasonably priced services without the expense of quality.

The CEO and her firm recognize the value of a steadfast and meticulous team and aim at providing the best professionals that not only meet the client’s budget requirement but also the team that possesses the right set of skills that helps them fulfil their short and long term goals.

With a host of services at offer that includes offshore personal virtual assistants, data processing services, offshore real estate services, account outsourcing, and HR outsourcing to name a few amongst others, this offshoring bigwig helps businesses take care of the bulk of their back office and administrative tasks while they can focus on their core operational activities.

When it comes to monetary aspects, businesses detest any surprises that might be coming their way. The CEO has always maintained that DBOS maintains the utmost transparency in their practices. The firm provides an all-inclusive, transparent fee based upon the actual cost of the services and salary. Even the same reflects in their invoices, which are easy to understand and devoid of any hidden charges.

For offshore staff, the firm offers a fixed monthly rate and fixed monthly seats and services fee. Invoices are sent two weeks in advance of the due date, and the mode of payment adopted is a bank wire transfer or through a credit card imparting more trust to the business relationship.

What has made DBOS a unique offshoring opportunity and one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines at GoodFirms is the degree of reliance they have achieved through nurturing a climate of confidence based on their transparency.

Clear Digital Marketing Strategies for Maximum Perceptibility:

When elucidating about their Digital Marketing strategy, the parameters that are at their focus are the client’s target market, the digital channels to be involved certainly the budget. With a clear strategy set in place, the client is helped with identifying the right resources to get things rolling.

The DBOS CEO never misses an opportunity to accentuate the significance of allocating the right talent for the right role. A capable and engaged staff that is also aligned with their expectations will effectively implement the strategies that will help a client meet with their business objectives.

The digital marketing services that the firm offers include SEO, social media services, email marketing services, content outsourcing, and graphic design services, which are directed towards an objective to help businesses isolate from the crowd to stand out. The proficient marketers at DBOS focus on assisting organizations to leave a lasting impression in the online world that helps them stay ahead of the competition.

Jacqui accentuates that complete commitment should be the basis of all partnerships. Her firm is dedicated to helping all types of businesses to grow on this premise. Rendering the best offshore staffing services, they pull out all the stops to deliver cost-effective outsourcing solutions to address all the marketing needs of a business.

To gain insights into the information divulged by this dynamic CEO, please read the comprehensive interview here at GoodFirms.

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