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DBOS Collaborates with WWF-Philippines for the Manila Bay Clean-Up

January 25, 2020, Saturday – To continue the efforts of giving back to the community and to help create a long-term impact on our environment for future generations, the Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) once again collaborated with WWF-Philippines, but this time for the Manila Bay Coastal Clean-Up along with other individual volunteers.

manila bay clean-up

Equipped with gloves, trash pickers, masks, and sacks, the DBOS team went on their way to join WWF-Philippines’ initiative in cleaning up the trash that has been washed along the coast of Manila Bay. Divided into 5 groups, a couple of hours was allocated for all teams to pick plastics, styrofoam, rubber, and glass, all on separate sacks.

After a few hours of digging and picking up trash along the southern coast of Manila Bay, the team collected hundreds of kilos of garbage, which is mostly composed of single-use plastic materials.

On the other hand, during the opening remarks, a WWF representative explained the importance of clean-up drives and asked a few people why they volunteered.

Later on, she boldly stated that the Philippines is declared as the third-largest contributor to plastic waste in the world and enumerated the top 5 plastic wastes that we contribute which include; plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic cups, and plastic cutleries – all are usually used in a common Filipino household and can easily be bought anywhere.

In a recent survey, 48 million shopping bags are used throughout the Philippines. In a year, it adds up to a staggering 17 billion and could still be increasing every single day. Just imagine how we are destroying our planet with all those plastic wastes.

What and why the LPPCHEA is important

The Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA) is a nature reserve covering around 175 hectares of the wetland ecosystem situated on the south of Manila Bay. In 2015, it is declared to be the first critical habitat in the country.

According to DENR, the LPPCHEA is consist of two (2) islands – Freedom Island and Long Island – with mangroves, ponds, lagoons, and mudflats. At present, it also serves as home to 82 species of wild birds, 41 of which are migratory.

The LPPCHEA is the sixth Wetland of International Importance in the Philippines that plays a critical role in the survival of threatened, restricted-range and migratory bird species. It serves as an important resting and refuelling stop for these birds making their way to the warmer regions of the globe during the migration season.

Also, the mangroves forests maintained in the LPPCHEA serves as natural barriers that protect the communities of Las Piñas and Parañaque from storm surges and high tide.

People eat their own trash – but how?

Partially, we are all aware that global waste is a huge problem in today’s generation. But did you know that the world’s waste is set to swell to 3.4 billion tonnes in 2050? Along with those numbers, 2.7 million tonnes of plastic waste is from the Philippines alone. Sadly, 20 per cent – or half a million tonnes of those trash leaks into the oceans.

Although we don’t directly feel its impact, the truth is, in one way or another, we’re eating our own trash.

Microplastics. These are the tiny pieces of plastic that particularly sits at the bottom of the sea, consumed by the marine population, or might’ve been blown by the wind. Although we can’t see it, it’s everywhere.

A new study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology says that it’s possible that humans may be consuming anywhere from 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles a year.

When we buy a plastic product, it eventually becomes trash. Once it is thrown away, it will find its way to the sea. Now when in the ocean, plastic decomposes slowly, breaking down into tiny pieces called microplastics. These microplastics gets eaten by fishes and other marine species that we, humans later on consume.

What can we do to help reduce these plastic waste?

As individuals, we can always make a small step towards change. We could choose to buy recyclable products or drink from reusable water bottles. We can even buy refillable bottles for our hair products instead of one-time sachets. These changes in our lifestyle might look small, but collectively, it’ll be huge.

Joining clean-up drives and raising awareness, most especially to the uneducated population of the country could, later on, be another successful step towards change. And if we don’t act now, it might be too late for the next generation.


And so we here at DBOS, together with our CEO, Jacqui Miller, will actively take a stand to promote and raise awareness of the effects of using plastic products, starting inside our company. We will also continue to take part in meaningful drives such as this, and help secure a better place for future generations.

In the long run, we aim to be a fully eco-friendly company that actively promotes a NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC campaign!

We are all and have been a part of the problem. So we all must fight to bring back the environment that we once had.

A challenge to all BPOs!

We are also encouraging all other BPO companies to take a stand against this escalating issue facing our planet. Start by banning the use of single-use plastics in our offices and later on our households. Educate your staff about the negative effects of using plastic products. Because if we don’t come together, what chance do future generations have?

If you want to be a part of meaningful efforts in saving our environment such as clean-up drives and more, visit WWF-Philippines on their website and other social media accounts.

There’s not much time left, let’s all act now.


DBOS’ CEO Jacqui Miller, Helping Businesses Grow with Efficient Outsourcing Solutions

Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) was founded in 2014 and is a fast-growing premium offshore staffing service provider. The firm operates with a singular view to help businesses reach their full potential to reap the maximum benefit. Jacqui Miller, who is the founding CEO at DBOS, aims at providing quality services with a price advantage to accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Her role as a founder and president of the company also provides her with the opportunity to explain new businesses about the difference that they create as a service provider and the value that can be derived from this association.

The competitive edge at Jacqui Miller’s DBOS is their primary inclination to build relationships between their clients, their core unit, and the offshore staff. This strategy has fostered an ecosystem that has helped retain clients as well as employees. With low-cost solutions catering to the company’s needs, the firm helps them achieve optimal efficiency and bridge any technological gaps. Working on a fundamental to maintain transparency, this outsourcing partner works by eliminating any surplices eliminates through inclusion and crystal clear communication.

Jacqui has always emphasized the importance of organic talent and acquires the best of it through an interactive recruitment process conceived by the firm. To learn more about this visionary CEO, GoodFirms had a dialogue with her as part of an interview series. Below is an extract from that illuminative conversation.

Exacting BPO Services Aligned with the Business Goals:

Understating the growing needs in an atmosphere harbouring mercantilism, small and medium-sized player’s brood over the possibility of expansion. This is where Jacqui steps in with her team offering to change the perception of such businesses, offering them an increase in their savings through reasonably priced services without the expense of quality.

The CEO and her firm recognize the value of a steadfast and meticulous team and aim at providing the best professionals that not only meet the client’s budget requirement but also the team that possesses the right set of skills that helps them fulfil their short and long term goals.

With a host of services at offer that includes offshore personal virtual assistants, data processing services, offshore real estate services, account outsourcing, and HR outsourcing to name a few amongst others, this offshoring bigwig helps businesses take care of the bulk of their back office and administrative tasks while they can focus on their core operational activities.

When it comes to monetary aspects, businesses detest any surprises that might be coming their way. The CEO has always maintained that DBOS maintains the utmost transparency in their practices. The firm provides an all-inclusive, transparent fee based upon the actual cost of the services and salary. Even the same reflects in their invoices, which are easy to understand and devoid of any hidden charges.

For offshore staff, the firm offers a fixed monthly rate and fixed monthly seats and services fee. Invoices are sent two weeks in advance of the due date, and the mode of payment adopted is a bank wire transfer or through a credit card imparting more trust to the business relationship.

What has made DBOS a unique offshoring opportunity and one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines at GoodFirms is the degree of reliance they have achieved through nurturing a climate of confidence based on their transparency.

Clear Digital Marketing Strategies for Maximum Perceptibility:

When elucidating about their Digital Marketing strategy, the parameters that are at their focus are the client’s target market, the digital channels to be involved certainly the budget. With a clear strategy set in place, the client is helped with identifying the right resources to get things rolling.

The DBOS CEO never misses an opportunity to accentuate the significance of allocating the right talent for the right role. A capable and engaged staff that is also aligned with their expectations will effectively implement the strategies that will help a client meet with their business objectives.

The digital marketing services that the firm offers include SEO, social media services, email marketing services, content outsourcing, and graphic design services, which are directed towards an objective to help businesses isolate from the crowd to stand out. The proficient marketers at DBOS focus on assisting organizations to leave a lasting impression in the online world that helps them stay ahead of the competition.

Jacqui accentuates that complete commitment should be the basis of all partnerships. Her firm is dedicated to helping all types of businesses to grow on this premise. Rendering the best offshore staffing services, they pull out all the stops to deliver cost-effective outsourcing solutions to address all the marketing needs of a business.

To gain insights into the information divulged by this dynamic CEO, please read the comprehensive interview here at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews company that helps service-seekers in finding BPO Services and digital marketing companies that are rendering the best services in the industry. GoodFirms’ bonafide research process ranks companies, boosts their online reputation and helps businesses choose the right technology partner that meets their requirements.

About the Author

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Fun Facts About Filipino Halloween

Halloween in the Philippines might be one of the most anticipated holidays in the country except Christmas and New Year. It is that week-long celebration for visiting the tombstones of our deceased loved ones, meet the rest of the clan, dress up in Halloween costumes, do trick or treating, exchange scary stories, attend Halloween events, and so much more!

In the old days, most traditional Filipino families spend the holiday to visit the grave of their relatives in the province, light up candles, pray, and spend the other days catching up with the other family members. But with a bit of Western influence, Filipinos now embrace the tradition of turning Halloween into something fun with parties and other ways to celebrate it.

If it’s your first time celebrating Halloween in the Philippines, then you should check out our infographic below!


As random as it sounds, the Philippines has a very unique way of observing all other occasions not just Halloween. But how we do it doesn’t mean it’s less fun!

Other than those customs and traditions, Filipinos also love scary stuff – and what could be more perfect timing for that than during Halloween? And since Filipinos like scary encounters, a lot of frightening activities are open all over the Philippines. But if you love being creeped out of your guts, then you should check out these hair-raising activities. 

Aside from that, Filipinos also like to dress up as someone else for a one-night celebration. So in most businesses, especially outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Halloween parties have become an annual event that everyone looks forward to.

Just like what we do every year!

In the spirit of Halloween, we here at DBOS make sure that our staff can happily celebrate the most sought-after events in the country not only to have fun but also to spark their creativity and teamwork in the process. And to avoid doing the same thing all over again, we make sure that every year has a different theme. No, it doesn’t have to be scary all the time!

To share how we celebrate Halloween in the company, here are some photos from last year!

halloween 2018
2018 – Addams family – the team who won best in costume.

Also, we make sure to invite the kids of our staff so they can enjoy Halloween, as well as dress up and get their treats too!

employees kids
2018 – Our staff’s little angels all dressed up for their office trick or treat.

Anticipate our photos for this year’s Halloween party!



DBOS Brings the Joy of Clean Water to Beton

DBOS believes in the value of exercising our corporate shared responsibility. We understand the impact it could make to our people, the company, and everyone outside of it. Giving back to the communities and encouraging our staff to do the same has been a regular practise since the company started. Not only it gives our employees a sense of meaning, but also the feeling that they are contributing, not just to their organisation but also to the communities outside of it. It also makes them better colleagues with a more attuned sense of empathy and understanding toward others.

Our CEO and Founder, Jacqui Miller always make sure that the company’s anniversary celebration includes a charity event or any form of giving back to the people. She empowers and encourages her people to practise giving back – it is a vital part of how she operates a business.

To celebrate the 4 fruitful years of DBOS in the business, we aim to pursue our corporate shared responsibility with a bigger range. Just when we were looking for the right moment to do so, WWF-Philippines reached out to us and presented the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project which aims to build two rainwater collecting tanks to suffice the resident’s need for clean water.

After careful deliberation and planning, finally, on May 6, 2019, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions and WWF-Philippines officially launched the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” fundraising project.


The Fundraising

Raising the funds for the two (2) rainwater tanks amounting to PHP100,000 was not easy. With 3 months on our hands, numerous ideas came to mind to fulfil the total cost. Together with our think tanks, we came up with a fundraising competition for the staff by selling WWF notebooks and raffle tickets – that comes with a chance to win a 32″-inch smart TV.


Extending our efforts, we also set up a gofundme campaign to reach the international audience, which in the end, we raised a total of $935.


It is caused by the endless support and cooperation of all staff, their families, friends, and the clients, that we raised a huge amount of donations, with DBOS filling up the remaining balance. And after 3 months of a collective effort from everyone, the official fundraising activity successfully concluded on August 17.

The Awarding of Donation/Top Fundraisers

On the same day, after the DBOS annual sports fest, a simple handing over ceremony was held. The full amount of PHP100,000 for building the two rainwater tanks was handed over to the representatives of WWF-Philippines.

Still, with high spirits from the recent sports activities, the staff of DBOS gathered around to hear the message of appreciation from WWF-Philippines. To further express their gratitude for making the project possible, they brought special gift sets for the top 3 fundraisers.

top fundraisers
The top 3 fundraisers from DBOS with the representatives of WWF-Philippines.

On the same event, the lucky winner of a 32″-inch smart TV was drawn and announced.

(3rd from left) Maris Stella Miguel, the winner of the 32″-inch Smart TV with her family.

Jean Geraldine Gatus, the top DBOS fundraiser gathered a total of PHP11,760 by selling the notebooks and raffle tickets also won the all-expenses-paid special trip to Beton for 3 days and 2 nights. She was set to experience the life of the locals, as well as take part in the construction of the rainwater tanks.

The DBOS Team Goes to Beton

Less than a month after the fundraising event, the DBOS team, together with a WWF representative, was set to visit the island of Beton.

On the morning of September 6, their 1-hour flight was bound to Puerto Princesa. From the airport, they travelled 4 hours by land to mainland Taytay. After that, another 5-minute tricycle ride to the port. From there, a final 40-minute boat ride to the island of Icadambanaua sailed to where Barangay Beton is located.

From afar, the first thing that you’ll notice is the vibrant-coloured fishing boats that were carefully lined up on the coast of the island. Those are owned by the residents of Beton as they rely on fishing alone to feed their families and also as a source of income. But, some of them farm sea cucumbers and sell it on the mainland for additional profit.

Living in Beton appears to be quite simple when you look on the outside. However, diving deeper in the community will give you a better insight into how the people get by every single day.

As we live with the locals for 3 days and 2 nights, we learned that the electricity only reached their island just before Christmas last year. But, it is not a 24-hour supply yet. They only have at least 8 hours of electric consumption every day that lasts from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. But it is a good thing that they were given solar lamps to light up their houses from the wee of the night until the morning comes.

Electricity is one thing, but their major problem is the stable and cleaner source of potable water. Households in Beton has no faucets. On this modern day and age, the lack of a stable water source is a battle that they continue to face every day. Fetching water from the well on the mountain is a routine for most of the residents.

However, the water on the well is still undrinkable. They only use it for cleaning their toilets, the school, and watering the plants. As for the clean water for bathing, drinking, and toothbrushing, they have no other choice but to get it from the mainland which requires an hour and 20 minutes to go back and forth.

The Rainwater Collecting Tanks

To provide the community with easier and cleaner access to drinking water, the DBOS fundraising project in partnership with WWF-Philippines made it possible to build two rainwater collecting tanks for the people of Beton. Each water tank costs around PHP50,000 including the labour and materials needed. One rainwater collecting tank is expected to store 3,000 litres or 15 drums of water which when multiplied twice is just enough supply for the community to use during the dry season.

The construction of the rainwater tanks started on September 2 and was completed on September 9, under the supervision of Geoffrey Aidula, WWF’s community coordinator for the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project. With his help, some of the residents of Beton skillfully learned how to build, clean, and maintain the rainwater tanks. The skillset that they’ve earned could also be another source of income for them.

According to him, the rainwater tanks will last for at least a decade, guaranteed that it is well taken care of. He also mentioned how these rainwater tanks would hugely impact the community’s shortage of clean water.

The Beton Elementary School

Aside from the households as major beneficiaries of clean water from the tanks are the children of Beton Elementary School.

Before the rainwater tanks, the students are required to bring at least one litre of water every day to school for flushing their toilets. To comply, the kids went as far as daily going up the mountains to fetch water on the well. And although they are used to this routine, the risk of an accident is still unforeseen.

Now, one of the rainwater tanks is strategically placed at the back of the school and is connected to the faucets for the school’s handwashing program.

The school’s headteacher, Mr Ricknel Herman is planning to implement better hygiene programs for the students. One of those is to teach the kids how to properly wash their hands. Also, on behalf of their school, he did not forget to extend his grateful heart to DBOS and WWF for helping their community.

Beton Elementary School adorns their small community as it occupies the centre of the island. The colourfully painted tires which were used as decorations and the clean school grounds bring life to the remote island. Also surrounded by luscious greenery, the students get to enjoy the serenity of their environment and focus on learning. When the current is strong, some of them needs to walk through the mountains to reach the school and attend their classes. However, when it rains, most parents don’t allow their kids to go to school because the mountain becomes slippery which is risky for them. Nonetheless, the students of Beton Elementary School appreciate the opportunity of getting a good education. Their lack of proper school uniforms and shoes does not affect their willingness to learn.


Witnessing and experiencing the life of the residents is a lesson learned a motivation to continue the meaningful practice of the corporate shared responsibility. Not only it is fulfilling to do so, but just imagine how many lives you’ll get to touch by being a part of a collective effort like such.

So in behalf of the whole DBOS family, we would like to send our utmost gratitude to Barangay Beton for the warm welcome to our team and we are very much happy to be of service to the community. And even if the project has already been concluded, Barangay Beton is surely a place we’ll never forget.


Looking Back, Moving Forward: DBOS Celebrating 4 Years of Success

Dear valued clients, colleagues, and partners,

2019 is the year of great leaps for us: Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) is celebrating its 4 remarkable years of providing the best offshore staffing services in the Philippines. This same day a couple of years ago, DBOS has started its operations with only 14 staff. As of today, it has reached a total of 75 excellent employees.

Looking back, DBOS simply bloomed from a very humble beginning. From that one client who trusted the company founder, Jacqui’s leadership and now, DBOS has a dozen of them on the list.

Like any other companies, it hasn’t been easy for DBOS to have come this far. But this specific year, more and more opportunities came knocking. And so, we welcomed them all with deep gratitude and a promise that DBOS will provide even better services for the next years to come.

To share the good news, here are some of the company’s biggest achievements and events for the first half of the year:

On January 2019, DBOS introduced its Digital Office which caters to technology-based services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Web and Software Development, Web Design, and a lot more.

On May 2019, DBOS organised the company’s annual team-building which has been a breath of fresh air and a time of fun for all the employees.

As a way of giving back to the community, DBOS launched its fundraising partnership with WWF-Philippines for the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project that aims to build rainwater tanks in hopes of providing a clean water supply for the people of the island.

To encourage more clients, DBOS launch a new corporate video that highlights the culture of the company, the services it offers, and the costs you can save when you choose to outsource with us.

As part of the company’s 4th-year celebration, DBOS will hold its annual sports fest for all employees to participate. On the same day, DBOS will award the cheque to WWF-Philippines that marks the end of 3-month long fundraising efforts for the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project.

All of these achievements are possible because of you, our clients, colleagues, and partners for supporting all of the company’s endeavours.

To our valued clients, the reason for this success – the trust you have given us creates endless possibilities for our people and the company. We are very much grateful. But, we can never promise anything except always giving it our all to provide you with nothing but the best of services in every way possible.

To the company’s best asset – our people, your excellence, hard work, and passion has brought us this far. We can never thank you enough for helping DBOS to build its reputation as a reliable and trusted offshore staffing company in the Philippines.

Cheers to more remarkable years with all of you!

Sincerely yours,
Your DBOS team

women empowerment

DBOS: Promoting Women Empowerment in the Workplace

Many other companies have been improving their policies to encourage a better working place for their employees as well as promote women empowerment.

Back in the days, women employees were only assigned to a few specific roles in a company. But, as years passed, they were slowly given the chance for career advancement and break the stigma surrounding them.

Most career women nowadays play more executive roles. They were given a shot at enhancing their skills and learning new ones. They were also provided with a safe and accepting environment for them to work in.

And while all these things are the best things about empowering women at work, there are many other practices that could open up new horizons for them.

Ways to Promote Women Empowerment:

1. Encourage women to take risks 

It is a famous myth that women are born risk takers. As long as it shows even the littlest possibility at succeeding, they will surely grab it. In the long run, it could be great for companies to push their employees to take risks and succeed, as they could also benefit from it.

2. Challenge job stereotyping

It was a long time ago when women employees used to only get specific positions that they believed were made for women. However, women start to widen their perspectives and go out of their comfort zones. As a result, women nowadays also made a name for themselves in the IT industry and web development world.

3. Support women aspiring for leadership roles

It is highly-important for women to advance on their career ventures. Inspire and motivate them to progress on all levels, especially in male-dominated fields. Show them that while it is equally important to encourage men, women are also undeniably valuable to a company’s structure.

4. Give them learning and mentoring opportunities

Arrange workshops and training sessions that will teach them how to be better at what they do. Also, give them a chance to share their ideas and aspirations in their jobs. Most often than not, women are afraid to voice out their opinions because they’re afraid of failing. So given the opportunity to boost their confidence, women employees will also do well in mentoring new employees whilst continuously learning.

5. Promote work-life balance

Another important thing that most women employees strive to achieve is balancing their work and other responsibilities at home. If given the regular working schedule, then they can also pursue their hobbies and passion outside work. Mom employees will be able to spend time with their kids during the weekends and even travel with their family.

Just like how we do it in DBOS.

women empowerment
Fig.1 – Shows that 55% of DBOS staff are female. Every 2 out 10 of our employees are moms, and 56% of our supervisors and managers are women.

DBOS gives importance and value to women employees as much as we equally do for all our staff. We encourage and support them for being remarkable leaders of their own teams. DBOS also strive to help them discover their utmost capabilities and show that there are limitless possibilities for them.

We here at DBOS strongly promotes women empowerment and highly encourages personal development.

Be a part of our growing family today! Visit us here for more information about our job openings.


DBOS amazing race

DBOS Amazing Race 2019: Closer Together, Stronger Than Ever

A vital part of the Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) culture is the annual team building activity. Every year is a different theme and a new venue. This year, May 4-5, DBOS goes to Bahay Bakasyunan in Tanay, Rizal to test the teamwork and harmony of the company employees.

Before moving to the venue, the staff were randomly divided into 4 teams: (red) Integrity, (yellow) Excellence, (orange) Ingenuity, and (blue) Heart. The teams were named to represent the core values of the company.

Meanwhile, a generous amount of 10,000 pesos awaits the winning team and a prepared consolation prize for the second up to the last placers.

The First Series of Games

Before the actual amazing race starts, the teams warmed up first with a series of mini-games under the sun. And even with the scorching heat, each team remains competitive and with high spirits.

1. Team Walker

Five people per team are asked to face the challenge of walking as one on two planks with rope handles. The first team to return from where they started gets the highest point. To finish this game, an enormous amount of patience, teamwork, proper communication and strategy is needed.

DBOS Amazing Race
The participating members of the Excellence Team showed a different kind of teamwork while tightly holding their ropes to victory.

The non-participating members of the playing team never missed a beat when coaching on which foot to lift first. Other teams also created a unique way of helping their teammates on their final spurt to the finish line.

2. Human Caterpillar

Ten people per team are required to join. To play this game, the people inside the premade wheel should keep on walking until they reach the finish line. Appropriate penalties are given to members who step outside the boundaries of the wheel. The fastest team to arrive wins.

DBOS amazing race
Ingenuity’s human caterpillar team walked as one, and with great concentration until they reach the finish line.

Intense focus and cooperation are crucial for this game. Aside from making sure that each member remains inside the wheel, walking fast on the same beat is also a challenge.

3.  Loop the Hoop 

Twelve people, each team needs to play this game. The team representatives are asked to stand in a straight line and hold hands. The challenge of this game is to pass the hoop over oneself and onto the next person without letting go. Like all the other games, the fastest team to return the hoop onto the first person wins.

DBOS amazing race
In action: teams blue and red practising their strategies for the hoop the loop challenge.

Planning the perfect strategy and quick-footedness is the key to winning this game.

The Amazing Race

All four teams have already warmed up for the actual game. Each of them has earned their share of points from the mini-games, and so the fight for the actual race started.

The DBOS version of the amazing race consists of a 3-obstacle relay course. On the first phase of the game is the tire relay, followed by the cargo net climbing and finally, the balance beam relay.

Tire Relay 

With quick and calculated steps, each member of the team tirelessly jumped over the tires to tap until the fifth runner before moving on to the next phase of the game.

DBOS amazing race
Teams heart and integrity face off for the first round of the amazing race relay.

Cargo Net

To ensure the safety of every player, the game master demonstrated the proper way to climb over the net before the game starts.

DBOS amazing race
The yellow and orange team is going head-on as they challenge the cargo net climbing.

Balance Beam

The final phase of the amazing race is the balance beam. Five players from each team should cross over the balance beam with a strong stance and well-calculated steps to conclude the race.

DBOS amazing race
Team heart bravely challenges the balance beam for the last leg of the amazing race.

The Aftermath

All four teams have given their best shot at finishing each game and obstacle. However, only one team has to win the grand prize. Now, based on the accumulated scores from all the games, here are the team standings:

  1. Integrity (red) – Champion
  2. Ingenuity (orange) – 1st runner up
  3. Excellence (yellow) – 2nd runner up
  4. Heart (blue) – 3rd runner up

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the games!

Other Activities

After the exhausting games were concluded, a social night for all the staff started during the dinner buffet. Lots of laughs, karaoke sessions, and few clinking bottles were heard outside the dining hall.

A spacious dormitory room with snuggly-looking beds awaited the staff’s weary bodies for a good night’s sleep. Few stories rang outside the doors before finally going to bed.

The next day comes, and a special breakfast buffet on the same dining hall greeted the half-asleep senses of the employees. After recharging their energy with rice and protein, everyone was given a few hours to enjoy their activity of choice before leaving the venue.

With a lot of pictures and memories to look back to, the DBOS bus finally went on its way out the Bahay Bakasyunan in Tanay, Rizal.

We at DBOS, extend our utmost gratitude to all our valued clients for the constant support to make this event possible. Until the next year’s team building activity!



WWF-Philippines & DBOS Pursue the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” Project

Hidden behind the vast waters and wondrous islands of Palawan is a secluded area that has been long ignored by the local government. It is a remote island that serves as a haven for a population of 1,664 individuals from 322 households. This remote barangay is called Beton.


Ample Supply of Ground Water

As a remote island, Beton has witnessed several problems that need to be addressed right away. These problems include the need for clean water. Water is not a problem for them during the rainy season, but it is a huge concern during the summer. Their only deep-well located on the mountain dries up quickly so they have to buy from the mainland Taytay. They have to travel for 20-30 minutes by boat from Beton to Barangay Bantulan, Sitio Pamulot to gain access to water. But, it is not for free. A drum or 20 containers cost 100 to 200 pesos including the boat gasoline.

During school days, Beton Elementary School requires each student to bring 1.5 litres of water every day for flushing their toilets. To save money, most students opted to go up the mountain and get water from the deep-well which is very risky for them.


The people of Beton have pleaded help from their local government numerous times. However, they have been disregarded despite the promise, every election that they will construct a water tube from Barangay Bantulan’s deep-well. They also guaranteed to donate taps too. But, many elections have passed and those promised remained as it is.

WWF-Philippines & DBOS Partnered for 3-Rainwater Tanks Project

WWF-Philippines, in partnership with Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions, created a special fundraising event that would build three rainwater tanks.

According to the plan, two of the rainwater tanks would be placed near the elementary school. For accessibility purposes, the other tank would be strategically placed outside the Barangay Hall and Health Centre.

The rainwater tanks are expected to stock enough water for the people to use during the dry season.

To be able to build the tanks, WWF-Philippines and DBOS needed to gather the amount of 150,000 pesos. Each tank costs 50,000 including the labour and materials needed. All three tanks are estimated to take at least 8 days to be built. This is to prepare for the rainy season where the tanks could be most utilized for the benefit of the community.

Together with WWF-Philippines, DBOS is still on its way to collecting the amount needed for the construction of the rainwater tanks.

Help us give the simple joy of clean water for the people of Beton by donating here.

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