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With a steady rate of labour participation reaching over 60%, the country produces over 40 million skilled workers every year. Outsourcing to the Philippines comes with a number of benefits that can help your business grow. Aside from its abundance of hard-working professionals, the country is known for its high English proficiency rate. Labour costs are cheaper as well, allowing you to profit and save more.

Offshore staffing or outsourcing is a strategic business process that involves hiring people to do services from another country at a lower price to reduce total wage costs and benefit from tax savings without the need to sacrifice the quality of service.

Outsourcing services are commonly thought to be for larger-scale businesses only, this is a perception we aim to change. DBOS is dedicated to helping all types of businesses grow—whether it be a small, medium, or large enterprise, we render only our best efforts in giving you a cost-efficient offshore staff to handle your needs. We pride ourselves on our integrity and competence. We also don’t require upfront deposit to cover your employee costs in advance, which most centres require their clients.  

DBOS has been in the outsourcing industry for almost seven years now and has a proven track record of helping businesses grow even for just a short amount of time—working with significant industry players in Australia such as Alpha Group of Companies and Progressive Direct Insurance.

DBOS is located in Cubao, Quezon City—which is one of Metro Manila’s central business districts, making it accessible for clients and employees.

Yes, you can. It is highly recommended that DBOS partner businesses meet up with their offshore staff. We encourage this so your offshore staff can experience your company’s culture as well as socialise with their teammates and immediate supervisors on a much more personal level.

Yes, our staff is proficient in English. With communication at the core of our services, we make sure that all our employees can speak, read and comprehend English.

It varies with every staff member but it doesn’t affect their proficiency at all. The native Filipino accent is very easy to understand and doesn’t hamper communication with foreign callers.

You can hire any number of individuals to form a team, depending on your needs. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right people to suit your requirements.

You can check out Our Services page to see DBOS’ full list of roles you can outsource with DBOS.

Our team is composed of great people who are more than happy to see a new face around. Joining us is like joining another family! Though our staff is focused on doing their best at work, we also know how to have fun!


Please see our pricing page for a sample calculation of an offshore staff vs. an onshore staff in Australia. 

There’s no upfront deposit in terms of your staff  salary and benefits. There’s only a one-time set-up fee of $599 USD as cost recovery installation for your staff’s workstation installation of standard PC. At the moment, we are running a no set-up special promo for 5 or more FTE roles upon your sign up.

You can save as much as 50-70% on your total wage costs, depending on the staffing that your business requires.

We only accept electronic bank transfers. Staff’s salaries are paid in USD with a fixed exchange rate.

We provide our clients with the latest competitive salary report to make sure they are in line with the market’s rates.

We have fixed rates for wages but aside from that, we also require one-time setup fee and a monthly payment of a fixed seat fee. You may request a quotation for the roles you’re interested here.

Yes! We highly recommend giving incentives to your high performing staff members as it motivates them to continuously exceed expectations. Our team can help you identify the best options to implement rewards and recognition programs.

As much as we would like to keep the partnership, should you decide to terminate it, you can send us a notice and we will process it within 30-60 days in order to end the staff’s contract.


Yes, you can. We will only pre-select candidates and then it’s up to you on how you want the recruitment process to proceed. This is to ensure that you only get the right people suited to your company’s needs.

The qualified DBOS staff could start as soon as you are ready to have them on board, depending on the urgency of your vacancy or we could allow them to begin after they have accomplished their pre-employment requirements.

We will allow you to evaluate their performance on a regular basis through our set systems and processes in place. We also provide guidance on how to properly monitor and evaluate the performance of your offshore staff.

We take care of all the day to day Human Resource and Environmental responsibilities as well as ensuring that we regularly check in with both the client and the outsourced team member on deliverables.


We have implemented a series of policies that concentrate solely on data privacy and security. We also ensure that our IT infrastructure is compliant with our policies. Moreover, we are complying with the national privacy commission to guarantee that we are data security compliant on a national level.

All outsourced work and Intellectual Property is owned by you, the client.

DBOS ensures the use of only the top ISP Providers in the BPO industry. We utilise an auto-failover to the firewall to ensure continuous internet connection so we could provide quality service and safeguard business continuity for our clients with 2 separate lines for any downtime with either ISP.

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