Premium offshore staffing services at a fraction of the cost

Save up to 70% on wage and operational costs without compromising quality and productivity. Simple and transparent pricing structure with no upfront deposit and lock-in contracts.

DBOS Pricing Guide

    To give you an overview of your potential savings achievable through hiring offshore staff with DBOS, here’s a breakdown comparing the real cost implications of hiring an employee of equivalent expertise in Australia versus opting for our offshore staffing solutions:

    DBOS Cost ($AUD)ItemsAustralia Cost ($AUD)
    $14,695Annual Wage$60,000
    $1,675Benefits (built-in to their wage)Superannuation
    9% of base salary
    $520Annual leave (built-in to their wage)$5,000
    $3478 Sick day leave (built-in to their wage)10 Sick day leave$2,500
    N/ACompulsory workers compensation$3,000
    N/APayroll tax 4.75% (QLD)$2,850
    $699Talent acquisition & job posting fee$2,500
    $950One-time set-up fee (Standard Desktop PC)N/A
    $10,200DBOS monthly seat fee (inc. office space, equipment and
    utilities, training, employee engagement programs, etc.)
    $26,524**Total annual cost$76,250*

    *Keep in mind that these aren’t all the costs associated with employing someone onshore, you would also need to consider ongoing training and professional development, office space, stationery, computers, office furniture, staff amenities etc. to get the full cost of employing someone.

    **These prices may vary base on employee experience and the client’s actual requirements. These are to be used as a guideline for labour cost-comparison purposes only.

    Start building your offshore team

    Building your offshore team

    STEP 1
    Free consultation to assess and understand your needs

    Our job is to help your business go to the next level through our offshore staffing solutions. Based on your current situation and future goals, we will help you determine if offshore staffing is the right fit for your business and pay close attention to the financial considerations.

    STEP 2
    Customising a solution and contract

    Once we’ve identified the specific needs of your business, our team will customise a solution and provide a transparent and detailed quotation for your review and approval.

    STEP 3
    Searching for the right talents

    The searching and sourcing of talents begin. Leave it to us to find the most suitable candidates for each role guaranteed to be assets to your business. All with the right qualifications, excellent English communication skill and the right attitude.

    STEP 4

    Our team will put together a clear transition plan to facilitate all aspects of your offshore team’s setup, which includes all employment contracts, IT infrastructure and support, workspaces and necessary training. We will work together seamlessly and consistently to ensure the proper transition for all stakeholders.

    STEP 5
    DBOS welcome you onboard!

    Your new dedicated offshore team jumps into action and regularly updates you on their progress. You can now focus on the more essential aspects of your business at ease, knowing your new team is well supported and cared for by DBOS.

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