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Affordable and Efficient Solutions

More than just Cost-savings and finding the right talents

Outsourcing services are commonly thought to be for large-scale businesses only, now this is the perception we aim to change. Through our partnership, we can help you increase savings by reducing wage costs without sacrificing quality. Our outsourcing services vary from digital marketing that can boost your brand’s online visibility, to IT, and customer support service.

Hiring staff in the Philippines encompasses far more than merely cost-effective labour and talent acquisition. At DBOS, it’s about fostering an environment where employees thrive and businesses flourish. Beyond sourcing the right skills, we prioritise creating a supportive workplace culture that nurtures personal and professional growth. We are committed to not just accommodating employees but providing them with a sense of belonging and pride in their workplace. By offering a supportive ‘home’ within DBOS, we empower individuals, ensuring their success aligns with the growth and success of the businesses they contribute to.

Fee Transparency

We never compromise our ethical and moral standards as we treasure your trust. Our fixed seating fee and salary rates guarantee honest transactions.


Outsourced staff can reduce your wage costs by up to 70%, allowing you to save money that can be used to grow your business.

Customised and Collaborative Transition Planning

We will pre-screen all candidates and let you select top prospects until you find the ones fit for your business.

Highly-Skilled Professionals

Our highly skilled staff can deliver you quality service that you can count on at a fraction of the cost!

Fun Work Environment

With a diverse staff and open communications between the administration and employees, our office maintains a light-hearted atmosphere that encourages productivity.

Shared Expertise

Through working with us, we share our knowledge to help better manage and improve your business.

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