women empowerment

DBOS: Promoting Women Empowerment in the Workplace

Many other companies have been improving their policies to encourage a better working place for their employees as well as promote women empowerment.

Back in the days, women employees were only assigned to a few specific roles in a company. But, as years passed, they were slowly given the chance for career advancement and break the stigma surrounding them.

Most career women nowadays play more executive roles. They were given a shot at enhancing their skills and learning new ones. They were also provided with a safe and accepting environment for them to work in.

And while all these things are the best things about empowering women at work, there are many other practices that could open up new horizons for them.

Ways to Promote Women Empowerment:

1. Encourage women to take risks 

It is a famous myth that women are born risk takers. As long as it shows even the littlest possibility at succeeding, they will surely grab it. In the long run, it could be great for companies to push their employees to take risks and succeed, as they could also benefit from it.

2. Challenge job stereotyping

It was a long time ago when women employees used to only get specific positions that they believed were made for women. However, women start to widen their perspectives and go out of their comfort zones. As a result, women nowadays also made a name for themselves in the IT industry and web development world.

3. Support women aspiring for leadership roles

It is highly-important for women to advance on their career ventures. Inspire and motivate them to progress on all levels, especially in male-dominated fields. Show them that while it is equally important to encourage men, women are also undeniably valuable to a company’s structure.

4. Give them learning and mentoring opportunities

Arrange workshops and training sessions that will teach them how to be better at what they do. Also, give them a chance to share their ideas and aspirations in their jobs. Most often than not, women are afraid to voice out their opinions because they’re afraid of failing. So given the opportunity to boost their confidence, women employees will also do well in mentoring new employees whilst continuously learning.

5. Promote work-life balance

Another important thing that most women employees strive to achieve is balancing their work and other responsibilities at home. If given the regular working schedule, then they can also pursue their hobbies and passion outside work. Mom employees will be able to spend time with their kids during the weekends and even travel with their family.

Just like how we do it in DBOS.

women empowerment
Fig.1 – Shows that 55% of DBOS staff are female. Every 2 out 10 of our employees are moms, and 56% of our supervisors and managers are women.

DBOS gives importance and value to women employees as much as we equally do for all our staff. We encourage and support them for being remarkable leaders of their own teams. DBOS also strive to help them discover their utmost capabilities and show that there are limitless possibilities for them.

We here at DBOS strongly promotes women empowerment and highly encourages personal development.

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