DBOS amazing race

DBOS Amazing Race 2019: Closer Together, Stronger Than Ever

A vital part of the Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) culture is the annual team building activity. Every year is a different theme and a new venue. This year, May 4-5, DBOS goes to Bahay Bakasyunan in Tanay, Rizal to test the teamwork and harmony of the company employees.

Before moving to the venue, the staff were randomly divided into 4 teams: (red) Integrity, (yellow) Excellence, (orange) Ingenuity, and (blue) Heart. The teams were named to represent the core values of the company.

Meanwhile, a generous amount of 10,000 pesos awaits the winning team and a prepared consolation prize for the second up to the last placers.

The First Series of Games

Before the actual amazing race starts, the teams warmed up first with a series of mini-games under the sun. And even with the scorching heat, each team remains competitive and with high spirits.

1. Team Walker

Five people per team are asked to face the challenge of walking as one on two planks with rope handles. The first team to return from where they started gets the highest point. To finish this game, an enormous amount of patience, teamwork, proper communication and strategy is needed.

DBOS Amazing Race
The participating members of the Excellence Team showed a different kind of teamwork while tightly holding their ropes to victory.

The non-participating members of the playing team never missed a beat when coaching on which foot to lift first. Other teams also created a unique way of helping their teammates on their final spurt to the finish line.

2. Human Caterpillar

Ten people per team are required to join. To play this game, the people inside the premade wheel should keep on walking until they reach the finish line. Appropriate penalties are given to members who step outside the boundaries of the wheel. The fastest team to arrive wins.

DBOS amazing race
Ingenuity’s human caterpillar team walked as one, and with great concentration until they reach the finish line.

Intense focus and cooperation are crucial for this game. Aside from making sure that each member remains inside the wheel, walking fast on the same beat is also a challenge.

3.  Loop the Hoop 

Twelve people, each team needs to play this game. The team representatives are asked to stand in a straight line and hold hands. The challenge of this game is to pass the hoop over oneself and onto the next person without letting go. Like all the other games, the fastest team to return the hoop onto the first person wins.

DBOS amazing race
In action: teams blue and red practising their strategies for the hoop the loop challenge.

Planning the perfect strategy and quick-footedness is the key to winning this game.

The Amazing Race

All four teams have already warmed up for the actual game. Each of them has earned their share of points from the mini-games, and so the fight for the actual race started.

The DBOS version of the amazing race consists of a 3-obstacle relay course. On the first phase of the game is the tire relay, followed by the cargo net climbing and finally, the balance beam relay.

Tire Relay 

With quick and calculated steps, each member of the team tirelessly jumped over the tires to tap until the fifth runner before moving on to the next phase of the game.

DBOS amazing race
Teams heart and integrity face off for the first round of the amazing race relay.

Cargo Net

To ensure the safety of every player, the game master demonstrated the proper way to climb over the net before the game starts.

DBOS amazing race
The yellow and orange team is going head-on as they challenge the cargo net climbing.

Balance Beam

The final phase of the amazing race is the balance beam. Five players from each team should cross over the balance beam with a strong stance and well-calculated steps to conclude the race.

DBOS amazing race
Team heart bravely challenges the balance beam for the last leg of the amazing race.

The Aftermath

All four teams have given their best shot at finishing each game and obstacle. However, only one team has to win the grand prize. Now, based on the accumulated scores from all the games, here are the team standings:

  1. Integrity (red) – Champion
  2. Ingenuity (orange) – 1st runner up
  3. Excellence (yellow) – 2nd runner up
  4. Heart (blue) – 3rd runner up

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the games!

Other Activities

After the exhausting games were concluded, a social night for all the staff started during the dinner buffet. Lots of laughs, karaoke sessions, and few clinking bottles were heard outside the dining hall.

A spacious dormitory room with snuggly-looking beds awaited the staff’s weary bodies for a good night’s sleep. Few stories rang outside the doors before finally going to bed.

The next day comes, and a special breakfast buffet on the same dining hall greeted the half-asleep senses of the employees. After recharging their energy with rice and protein, everyone was given a few hours to enjoy their activity of choice before leaving the venue.

With a lot of pictures and memories to look back to, the DBOS bus finally went on its way out the Bahay Bakasyunan in Tanay, Rizal.

We at DBOS, extend our utmost gratitude to all our valued clients for the constant support to make this event possible. Until the next year’s team building activity!