All-Time Best Tips for Employee Retention

Staff retention, in this time and age, is one of the most challenging concerns companies and HR professionals are facing.

CEO and HR Directors are continuously devising ways and strategies to improve employee retention in different industries. And in this post, we list down some of the all-time best tips and strategies that can help your company retain employees:

Cultivate a Great Working Environment

Having a great working environment keeps the employees driven and excited to go to work every day. Even if the going gets rough, when they have support system inside the company, aside from their motivations, it will give them more reasons to stay and persevere.

Let Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Employees contribution is a significant part of your company’s optimal growth, and on that note, they deserve to be respected and appreciated. From a simple thank you for an excellent presentation, down to the employee of the month per department award, little things like these can make your employee’s day.

Invest in Employee’s Professional Growth

Investing in your employee’s professional growth is one of the best ways to empower them. Keeping them up to date with the latest in their fields as well as regular upskilling will make them stay because they will feel that the company values their professional growth.

Set a Shared Purpose

Letting the employees know your company’s vision and mission by heart helps you have a common and a shared purpose in the business. With this, you would be able to let them feel that they are set to contribute something useful in any way to the company, because they are a part of it, and the company’s success is also the employee’s success.

Establish Clear Goals

Setting clear goals and KPIs give your employees a clear direction as to how they will track their productivity and success rate in the work that they are doing. As the company, you need to establish goals that are feasible and attainable for your employee. You can also reward your employees when they hit their target or exceed expectations, to boost their excitement and morale.

Give Your Employees Autonomy

Being able to move freely in the workspace gives your employees freedom to think out of the box to innovate their work. Take, for example, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi discovered that the workers in one of the company’s factory devise a meaningful way to recycle, as well as in inventing global flavours. Because these employees know that they move autonomously, they make a difference through their efforts and this is something that will make them stay.

Understand What Your Employee Values

Employees take pride in companies that value what they value. Understanding this part of your employee allows you to better cater to their needs as well as to know how to motivate them more. Do your employees have families? Generate family day events! Make your employee feel that you value what’s important to them, and they will surely take good care of your business.


Wrap Up

dbos happy employees

CEOs and HR managers can work hand-in-hand to retain their employees.There are many ways to do so, but the most important is that companies must genuinely value, appreciate, care, and allow their employees to be a part of the bigger picture towards the company’s success.

When you work for an offshore company or if you are a client, it is a common misconception that this type of business has a high turnover or attrition rate.

Contrary to the conventional beliefs, DBOS is an offshore / BPO that has an interactive recruitment process plus fun and diverse culture. In fact, we have an average staff retention rate of 93%.


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