Tips to Win Employee Trust

Employee loyalty is one of the key success factors in a company, and employees are being more proactive when it comes to the term loyalty. Also, “lifetime of employment” is no longer a trend today.

Of course, employees want to be in a long-term relationship with a company that values them. But as a company, how can you keep your employees loyal?

First off, employee loyalty is earned, like trust. And just like trust, when loyalty is lost, it will never revert to its original form.

Trust and loyalty come hand-in-hand when it comes to long-term employee-company relationships. The challenge for employers today: How do you keep your employees long-term?


Allow Room for Continuous Learning

Allowing your employees to upskill regularly makes them more confident in the job that they are doing. As the famous cliche goes, “knowledge is power.” it’s still relevant today. Also, providing upskilling or regular training for your employee allows you and your company to have more competitive and learned employees.


Communicate Frequently

Allow an open-communication culture within your company. Constant communication with your staff allows you to address concerns head on to resolve issues that will eventually lead to resignation or termination. Talk to your employees to help you understand them. Make your employees feel that they are heard.


Eradicate Micromanagement

Micromanagement, by definition, is a kind of management wherein the employer closely monitors his or her employees.

You hired an employee because you trust that they can get the job done. So, it is your responsibility to make them feel that they can do the job. Sometimes, it’s not the workload that is the main problem, but the people around the workplace.

Micromanaging affects employees’ self-esteem that results in doubting themselves, and when they question themselves, their performance is affected.


Walk your Talk

When you say you’ll do something, do it. Trust is easily lost with broken promises. Do what you say, no matter what, and don’t say that you’ll do something if you don’t have any intentions of getting it done.


Encourage Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the centre of all happiness in a company. When you learn how to keep your employees interested, they will be engaged in the environment they are in and eventually, in every little thing in the company.


Be Transparent

Companies who already earn their employees trust will be genuinely concerned about your situation and will help you find ways in improving the current status of your business.


Consider having Retirement Benefits

Employees that are looking for long-term jobs want retirement benefits that they can enjoy after long years of service. You can have qualifications in your company, for example, if an employee reaches his or her 5th year, he or she will be eligible for a retirement plan.

In fact, there are companies that offer retirement plans after they have been with them for 20 years. Things like that would surely be a magnet to keep your employees loyal to your company.


Appreciate Efforts

Little or big, simple or grand, learn how to appreciate suggestions, feedback, and your employees’ ideas. If you do this, they will feel they matter, that they are being heard, and their inputs are being appreciated by their employer. A day at a spa or even an early time off for a job well done would be very much appreciated.


As  Bergeron says, “Trust is this basic component of society. Without it, [organisations] cease to function.”  Companies that do not have their employees’ trust leads to more problems within the organisation.

But a company that has its employees’ commitment at all times makes the company more prosperous and stable, because employee engagement and their loyalty is won by people not systems, nor tools.

Always keep in mind that employee loyalty and trust is earned, it cannot be forced or brought, and it’s the intangible things that you do for your employees that would make a mark in their lives.

As a company/HR practitioner, how do you keep your employees loyal to your company? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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