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To-do’s to Keep Your Employees in High Spirit During Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! But for companies, you still need to reach goals and keep your employees competitive. Yuletide is a season wherein both the employer and the employee struggles to keep up with their responsibilities and the coming holiday season.

Yet with open communication and give-and-take process, the employer and the employee can meet halfway to address concerns so that both can have a wonderful time this season.

As the employer, you will be the one at power to change and adjust situations during the yuletide. Here are some ways companies cope o keep their employees motivated and energised to work amid approaching holidays:

Communicate Concerns and Give Solutions

Gather everyone or create a survey of your employees. Know their concerns and come up with solutions and that will meet each other’s needs most especially this holidays.

Holidays are meant to be joyous for everyone, so as the employer or the HR manager, make a move to reach out to your employees. Take this season as an opportunity to learn more about your employees, their concerns, and their needs.


Appreciate Your Employees

The holiday season is the time of the year to give your employees the boost they need. Show your appreciation by distributing treats, giving awards and most importantly, make them feel that their efforts are recognised.

Set Exciting Goals and Rewards

Yuletide season is also where most, if not all of us, get super excited and just want the working days to be over. Yet, to improve productivity during this season, you, as an employer need to set an exciting, challenging, but a feasible goal so that your employees still has a target to focus on.


Consider Flexible Schedules

Consider giving your employees a flexible schedule during the holidays to help them with their Christmas errands as well as a way to give them more freedom in managing their time wisely.

This kind of consideration will help your employees finish their holiday errands while still attending to work without having to take time off or under time.


Let Them Bring Their Children to Work

Allow your employees to bring their kids to work during the holiday season, most especially if your industry requires your employees to report on Christmas Day and on the  New Year.

You can also organise a family day events during this season to promote openness, and this initiative would make your employees feel valued.


Holiday Atmosphere

Set the overall tone of your office on a holiday mood, from the background music, the food, and the decorations. Make your employees feel that somehow still at the comforts of their own home.

Always keep in mind that efforts like this are a big push for employees to have fun, and when they’re having fun, the more they’ll be pushing themselves to produce outstanding outputs.

Over to You

Here are some of our hacks to keep your employees excited going to work even on holiday. What are your current traditions or strategies to keep your employees’ A game during this season?


Share with us your thoughts below.


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