4 Questions to Ask in an Interview to Land Your Dream Job

So you just applied for a job that you have been wanting all your life,  and you got a call back from the HR asking you to come in for an interview. You jump in joy, until you realize that you are not prepared for what’s to come. This scene might sound familiar to you, as you might have just experienced it recently.  No need to worry though, as have compiled a few questions for you to ask your employer in preparation of your interview.

Asking the right questions during a job interview increases your chance of getting hired by over 50 percent. They want a person who knows what he wants, one who appears confident but not arrogant. Remember to ask these 4 questions to land your dream job soon.

How can I help you meet your career goals?

By asking this question, the HR or whoever is interviewing you will get the impression that you are, in fact, interested in helping the company grow. This shows that you want to impart your skills and that you are interested in making things happen in your future environment. This step is what experts call the “informational interview”, wherein you, the applicant, has the chance to ask everything you need to know from the HR and company’s perspective. You can ask about the company culture, some advice if you ever get hired, and everything and anything that you want to know about the role.

What are your challenges regarding your role in the company?

You are in a job interview, so you are expecting to be asked a lot of questions. However though, asking the interviewer a few questions about their job and their role will keep them interested in you. People definitely love talking about themselves, and this gives you the chance to build a relationship with your interviewer. Do not get too personal though, and stick to professional questions. Ask about the current challenges they are facing, how long that have been with the company, what they used to do before they landed their current job, and what is their favourite thing about the company.

What qualities are you looking for in this role?

Of course, you want to be your ultimate best when applying for this job. You want to know if you are a great fit for the role and the company, thus, asking this question is a huge must. Once the interviewer replies to this question, go ahead and cite some examples wherein you felt that your positive qualities helped in a certain situation.Remember to sound and appear confident but not arrogant.

Can you clarify something for me?

Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions, especially the ones that you are having doubts with. Continually saying “yes” whenever the hiring manager asks you if you understand will lead to them doubting if you really understood what they just said. Remember to ask questions and have them clarify it, even down to the smallest details. Hiring managers definitely want applicants who ask questions, besides, that’s what they are here for.

Now that you know the right questions to ask, go ahead and ace that interview! Good luck, and may you land the job!