How Taking Risks Can Make You a Great CEO

Daniel Abrahams, the Transformer Director of Bond University, shares his personal insights on how risk-taking improves leadership in the corporate setting. Hailing from South Africa, his father’s decision to move to Australia sparked Abrahams’ curiosity about the nature of making bold decisions.

Abrahams has worked in different fields ranging from federal government to corporate, financial services, energy and transport, to telecommunications in a start-up business. As he transitioned from CRO to CEO, he boils down risk management into three key facets: Leadership Values, Risk Taking Culture, and knowing the difference between Entrepreneurial and Corporate risks.

daniel abarahams bond university

“I am inspired by entrepreneurs who go about providing customer solutions. I promote proper risk management behaviours across all business people and share my intellectual property for the benefit of the practice of risk management,” he writes. To learn more about Abrahams’ insights and fundamentals of Proper Risk Management, check out the full article here.