Fun Facts About Filipino Halloween

Halloween in the Philippines might be one of the most anticipated holidays in the country except Christmas and New Year. It is that week-long celebration for visiting the tombstones of our deceased loved ones, meet the rest of the clan, dress up in Halloween costumes, do trick or treating, exchange scary stories, attend Halloween events, and so much more!

In the old days, most traditional Filipino families spend the holiday to visit the grave of their relatives in the province, light up candles, pray, and spend the other days catching up with the other family members. But with a bit of Western influence, Filipinos now embrace the tradition of turning Halloween into something fun with parties and other ways to celebrate it.

If it’s your first time celebrating Halloween in the Philippines, then you should check out our infographic below!


As random as it sounds, the Philippines has a very unique way of observing all other occasions not just Halloween. But how we do it doesn’t mean it’s less fun!

Other than those customs and traditions, Filipinos also love scary stuff – and what could be more perfect timing for that than during Halloween? And since Filipinos like scary encounters, a lot of frightening activities are open all over the Philippines. But if you love being creeped out of your guts, then you should check out these hair-raising activities. 

Aside from that, Filipinos also like to dress up as someone else for a one-night celebration. So in most businesses, especially outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Halloween parties have become an annual event that everyone looks forward to.

Just like what we do every year!

In the spirit of Halloween, we here at DBOS make sure that our staff can happily celebrate the most sought-after events in the country not only to have fun but also to spark their creativity and teamwork in the process. And to avoid doing the same thing all over again, we make sure that every year has a different theme. No, it doesn’t have to be scary all the time!

To share how we celebrate Halloween in the company, here are some photos from last year!

halloween 2018
2018 – Addams family – the team who won best in costume.

Also, we make sure to invite the kids of our staff so they can enjoy Halloween, as well as dress up and get their treats too!

employees kids
2018 – Our staff’s little angels all dressed up for their office trick or treat.

Anticipate our photos for this year’s Halloween party!