Ways to Promote Inclusion and Diversity at Work

Cultivating a culture of inclusion and diversity is one of the best ways to develop open-mindedness at work. It also makes the workplace a personally enriching environment for clients and employees.

Unlike before, most companies nowadays promote a working environment that supports all employees regardless of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

Supporting inclusion and diversity at work also impacts the way an organisation operates. So, more and more companies encourage equal opportunities and recognition for everyone.

According to the latest research, 91% of Fortune 500 companies believe that their LGBT employees bring fresh and unique ideas to the organisation.

Despite that, some companies are still wondering about various ways to properly foster inclusion and diversity at work.



Here are the most suggested ways on how to successfully achieve it:

Introduce inclusion and diversity to employees

In order for inclusion and diversity to be seen as a positive aspect of the work culture, it needs to be well-managed and nurtured. Help the employees understand its value for the long term wellbeing of the company. Communicate with the employees and justify why the company cares about inclusion and diversity that much.

Disseminate unconscious biases

Building awareness is the first step to achieving real change. Help your employees understand the impact of unconscious bias on every individual so they’d learn how to avoid it. Address it and encourage employees to review, question, and analyse their personal unconscious biases. Doing this will help promote equality in the long run.

Convert all job descriptions to gender-neutral language

Check your job description page and convert the content into a gender-neutral language. Only use pronouns such as ‘he, she, or they’. Changing it will help deliver a stronger message to your applicants. This will also help in opening equal opportunities for all candidates regardless of their gender identity. As long as they would pass all the required examinations.

Provide learning & development workshops

Offer the same opportunities for all employees to expand their skills like communication and empathy. Provide them with an equal chance to enhance their intelligence and be more open-minded about things that matter.

Listen to your employees

Give all your employees the same right to be heard. Listen to their concerns, ideas, and suggestions from time to time. You might be surprised by how unique their opinions are.

There are a lot of other ways to promote inclusion and diversity at work aside from those mentioned above. Speaking of which, the booming industry of outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the most concerned since it can relate a lot.

Now, we here at DBOS supports the culture of inclusion and diversity in all fields of business. We value the importance of a harmonious and accepting work environment that strengthens the confidence of all our employees. But, we encourage them to pursue their passion and extend their skills and knowledge through continuous hard work.

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