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What Can an Offshore Marketing Team Offer your Business?

The marketing team plays a vital role in how people would perceive a company. They build their reputation, enhances online visibility, as well as talking to prospects and clients. However, a fully functional in-house team is definitely more expensive than offshore marketing.

It is usually composed of web developers, SEO specialists, social media moderators, content writers, digital marketers, and graphic designers. They all have specific roles that complement each other to work towards a common goal – the company’s growth.

Now, for a startup company, having all of these functions mean higher spend. The thing is, small startup companies don’t have the capability to maintain a fully functional in-house marketing team yet. So their immediate option for small revisions for their website is to get a contractor. However, contractors charge expensively. And that’s one of every startup owner’s biggest concern.

The significance of task allocations

In a team, every member has their own specialty. Sure, they might be flexible enough to do other things but, it would take time for them to finish a certain task. Why? Because it is not their area of expertise.

Then, what does it mean for your business? It means that you are wasting time to get a team member do a certain task that’s far from what they do. Not only you are wasting time but also resources as you stretch your member’s skills too far from what they should be focusing on.

For example, you are building a fully-functional marketing team that will be handling a certain project and you asked your SEO specialist to write blog content. But since the SEO specialist has been focusing on keywords and rankings most of his career, it will take him too long to finish a writing task that should be done by a professional content writer instead.

And that is a good example of wasting time and talent that could’ve been used to find other SEO strategies to implement.

The benefits of an offshore marketing team

Offshoring is not a one-day decision because it involves the future of your business. There are numerous factors that you should weigh to ensure a promising result for your business.

Now, if you have decided to offshore your marketing team, here is a list of benefits to help you decide whether or not to continue:

1. Access to established talents.

When you choose to offshore your marketing team, you’ll get unlimited chances to choose the best person for the role. You can handpick them or be the one to facilitate the final interview to make sure that they are exactly whom you’re looking for. One of the biggest markets who offer offshore digital marketing industry is the Philippines. These are mostly composed of outsourced telemarketing people with years of professional experience and are guaranteed to have outstanding know-how in the field. And let’s be honest – you need results right now. That’s what they will deliver.

2. Reduce risks and expenses.

The main benefit of offshoring is reducing expenses. We’re not talking about a dollar or two, but more than enough to hire two additional roles for your offshore digital marketing team. In addition, offshoring also helps lessen the risk of getting someone who is not well-suited for the job because of the strict hiring process.

3. Dedicated staff.

You no longer have to worry about achieving results in the best possible time. It’s because your dedicated staff will solely focus on reaching the goal for you without any interruptions.

Your offshore marketing team can attain a lot of accomplishments for you. It will no longer be a question of “where are we on the marketing efforts” but “when can I see the results”.  And that makes a lot of difference.

Now, we here at DBOS can assure that all your anticipated digital marketing output will be achieved. To learn more about our offshore digital marketing services, contact DBOS for a FREE consultation today!