siklab award announcement

Recognising Young Entrepreneurs Who Will Change the World

The Philippine Investment Management Consultants Inc. or PHINMA for short, has decided to create an award recognizing young leaders with the potential to be game changers in society. This new award-giving body is now called “SIKLAB”, symbolizing the spark embodied by today’s youth. Trailblazers with a passion for nation-building, possessing strong entrepreneurial skills, and established young leaders are what SIKLAB aims to bring into the spotlight.

The SIKLAB award is inspired by influencers of the past, Ramon V. Del Rosario, founder of the PHINMA itself, in particular. RVR is known for his philanthropic work: sending underprivileged children to school and contributing in the establishment of the Restorative Prison Justice System through the Smokey Mountain Foundation.

SIKLAB is currently screening potential nominees, with its first awardee still to be determined. To learn more about this, you can read the full article here.