professional behaviour

12 Professional Behaviour Tips in the Workplace

Every workplace environment has a different ethos. But no matter how distinctive it is from one another, companies would agree that an employee’s professional behaviour makes all the difference. More than dressing appropriately for work, one’s attitude and approach in the workplace can help improve their chance of success.

Many organisations nowadays have set a formal code of conduct for employees to follow. Failure to do so can bring negative consequences to the person involved. To avoid those, we come up with 12 tips on how to professionally behave at work.

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professional behaviour

12 professional behaviours

  • Honesty
    Being honest is a highly important attribute for employees in all fields. When you’re honest, people will trust you more.
  • Respect
    Always remember that respect is earned. If you’re a leader and your people have seen you respect other people regardless of hierarchy or status, the more they will respect you.
  • Meetings
    Never be late for any kind of meeting and don’t show up unprepared. Don’t talk when somebody else is talking and ask questions only when necessary.
  • Communication
    Be mindful of how you talk to your colleagues and most especially to your boss. Make sure that you send the right message by watching the tone of your words in written emails and letters.
  • Time management
    Avoid arriving late for work and make sure to follow the break schedules. Practise allocating the right time to finish your workload for the day before going home.
  • Integrity 
    Act ethically and do the right thing at all times. Don’t hesitate to report misconduct and other violations of the company policy.
  • Safety 
    Even at work, be mindful of your safety. Know the company safety policy and actively participate in safety drills. Report hazards immediately.
  • Dress code
    In some companies, a strict dress code is observed. So if your company is implementing one, make sure to follow.
  • Accountability
    Take responsibility for all your actions and decisions. Avoid the blame-game to escape on your obligations and pin on to someone else.
  • Corporate goals
    Learn about the company’s mission vision and know your role in upholding all those.
  • Teamwork
    Work well together with your team and set aside the differences to achieve your shared goals. Maintain a good relationship with your members at all times and avoid talking behind each other’s back.
  • Commitment 
    Be dedicated to your role in the organisation you belong to. Do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve your goal and the company’s goal. Remember that if you work hard, there will be no other way but up.


Displaying professional behaviour at all times reflects your true character outside work. If you’re in the outsourcing industry, you have to mingle with different characteristics every single day. At times it’ll be hard, however, your behaviour should stay the same. But if you’re seeking a welcoming working environment, why not check out DBOS?

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