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Offshore Labour: Definition, Benefits and Drawbacks

The term “offshore labour” has gained significant public attention in today’s business landscape. And like most buzzwords, it’s easy to lose track of their meaning. Remote work, virtual staffing, and other terms, for example, have also become commonplace jargon that has similar yet not exactly the same meaning as offshore labour.  

What’s an Offshore Staff?

In its simplest form, offshore staffing is the practice of outsourcing everyday tasks and roles to workers living and working in another country. This can be done for various reasons, but the most common is to save on costs. Offshore staff are typically paid less than their counterparts in developed countries because the cost of living in their respective countries is often much less expensive.  

Offshore staffing is not a new concept; it has been around for a long time. Manufacturing, for example, has been outsourced for decades to countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. And as technology and skills advanced in these less developed countries, so did their ability to handle different types of outsourced work.  

These days offshore labour has spread to various industries, from manufacturing to back-office roles. Even critical tasks such as data analytics, engineering, and entire marketing departments are often outsourced to offshore labour.  

But, will hiring an offshore staff be good for your business? Let’s look at some key benefits and drawbacks to help you decide.  

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Labour  

Cost savings: One of the main reasons businesses choose to use offshore staff is cost savings. By hiring workers in a lower-cost location, companies can significantly reduce their overall labour costs.  

Access to skilled workers: In some cases, finding the skilled workers you need in your own country can be challenging because of the hard-nosed competition between companies. Offshore staffing provides access to a larger pool of talent. It allows you to hire the best workers for the job, regardless of location.  

Increased efficiency: Offshore staff can often work more efficiently as the teams are highly specialised and focused on a single task. In some cases, labour laws in their country may also allow them to work longer hours without much additional cost to the company. 

Drawbacks of Hiring Offshore Labour  

Language barriers: One of the challenges of offshore staffing is communication. A language barrier between you and your offshore staff can make it difficult to give clear instructions and get the results you need.  

Time differences: Another challenge of offshore staffing is time differences. If your offshore staff are in a different time zone, coordinating work hours and communicating in real-time can be difficult.   

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Cultural differences: Offshore staff may have different values and cultural norms than your own employees. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflict within your team.   

Final Thoughts: Is Offshore Labour for Your Business?  

The growth of the offshore outsourcing industry across the globe proves that it’s a sustainable way to scale businesses in developed countries. With an offshore staff, allocating resources to your most talented employees can be easier as more straightforward tasks can be outsourced to offshore labour. However, it’s essential to be wary of the cons, such as language and cultural barriers, as these can also lead to costly work disruptions.  

To be sure, before hiring an offshore team, try to get to know them first. A great way to do this is by conducting a video interview. This will give you a good sense of their language skills and whether or not they are a cultural fit for your company.   

Hopefully, we were able to help you in the decision-making process just by looking at the pros and cons we’ve laid out for you here. So, if you’re ready, then go ahead and give offshore staffing a try for your business. It may just be the boost you need to build momentum for your business this year! 


4 Employee Wellness Trends for 2020

Employee wellness is more important today than ever. Not only it affects employee productivity and performance, but also influences a person’s mental health. So, most companies today treat this matter with utmost cautiousness.

Businesses in different fields, as well as other organisations, implement various programs to help maintain their employee’s wellness or improve it if needed. This is aside from their usual benefits such as paid leaves, sick leaves, health care, and more.

According to a study by ResearchGate, effective corporate wellness programs create a remarkable impact on an employee’s health and overall well-being. Also, improved motivation, capability, and skills are other traits that show the enhanced result.

The brief history of workplace wellness 

Interestingly, workplace wellness did not just start abruptly. It has a long history that started in 1633 whereas, an Italian physician wrote about the effects of work exposure on workers. In 1810, a Welsh social reformer proposed a 10-hour workday to protect the well-being of the workforce. By 1817, he proposed a more aggressive measure – an 8-hour workday, where the phrase, “eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest” originated.

Jumping to 1950s, this is when companies began to offer wellness interventions which are primarily focused on mental health issues and alcoholism. And not until the mid-1970s, true workplace wellness programs did begin. During this timeframe, financial responsibility for health care from government to employer was developed. From that year onwards, occupational safety and health insurance, health promotions, and fitness programs for employees were pursued.

In modern-day, employee wellness is one of the most important aspects that employers pay attention to. More regulations are looked upon and restrictions on working hours are strictly implemented. But, on a survey of employees by Quantum Workplace, 71.1 per cent of them still wants their employers to provide stress relief breaks, including naps and massages.

Employee wellness trends in 2020

As time passes by, every employee’s needs and wants changes too. So whatever it is that might work for your employees last year could not be as effective this year. To be able to adjust according to the changing needs of your workforce composition this year, take note of these employee wellness trends:

1. Workplace wellness culture audits

To closely monitor the changes and keep pace with the workplace wellness culture, companies nowadays should implement regular HR reviews, turnover, productivity, error levels, and workplace health and safety standards.

This audits should be able to help keep your employees aligned with workplace well-being programs such as turnover, retention, stress levels, and mental health issues. The main goal is to immediately adjust the well-being programs even if changing technology, societal conditions, and satisfaction affects it.

2. Millennials will dominate the workforce in 2020

The workforce in 2020 is highly anticipated to be mostly dominated by millennials. This generation is known to have a strong standpoint against structural issues, most especially, workplace burnout. Millennials love maintaining their work-life balance, as well as their career satisfaction. So if they feel trapped in a place that doesn’t value much of their wellness, moving on is their next step.

According to a survey by Class pass, 75% of millennial professionals believe that it’s the employer’s responsibility to provide health and wellness benefits. More than half, states that they would’ve stayed in a company that provided fitness and wellness benefits.

3. Establishing wellness programs that create real behavioural change 

According to neuroscience research, habit change takes at least 60 days. But, engaging programs that continuously support employees at work and home helps create the change. In return, companies expect reduced turnover, absenteeism, stress levels, and improved retention.

Investing in people bears nothing but good results both for the individual and the company. It boosts morale which could, later on, progress to improved productivity that will directly impact the company.

4. Promoting healthy mental and psychological well-being

Psychological and mental health is as important as physical health. Nowadays, an increased number of people with mental health problems is arising. Younger generations, as well as the working-age individuals, are the usual victims of these mental health issues.

So this year, businesses are crafting wellness plans that address mental health. Some of which includes; free mental health checkups, coaching, encouragement with team members, team building activities, or anything that might work.


We, at DBOS, cares about our employee’s wellness as much as we do with their performance and productivity. Our human resources officer make sure to stay on track with employee reviews and concerns. Employee wellness programs such as monthly birthday and anniversary bash have been part of the culture. We also encourage our people to join several volunteering programs and donation drives that we continuously practice. Aside from those fun activities, we also motivate our people to learn new skills through constant training and study.

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5 Advantages of Offshore Staffing Providers with Multiple Offices

One to two offshore providers are being introduced to the public almost every single day. Hence, the growing competition in the offshoring industry. But despite all those, the market remains advantageous for companies with years of experience in the field rather than the newly established ones.

Generally, all businesses aim for growth and expansion. Achieving this two is a clear indication of ongoing success for any kind of business. Having multiple offices is an advantage that some does not fully utilise. It represents a significant outlay in finances, manpower, and a general commitment to driving towards a higher level of achievement.

Location is no small question for a company. When the time comes that they are finally ready to grow and evolve, they should not have to limit where their business operates. And today, it’s easier than ever to run a company without being centralised in a single place.

Know the reasons why and learn about the 5 advantages of offshore providers with multiple offices on our infographic below.

offshore providers

Increase sales opportunity

Offshoring companies with multiple offices can now accommodate more clients, thus the evident increase in sales. And because of reduced labour costs that offshoring allows, most clients have been expanding their services and offerings. Both opportunities to increase their sales is felt by the offshoring provider and the client.

Access to a bigger pool of talents

Employees are referred to as “talent” for a reason: When you’re hiring, you’re not looking for just anyone to fill a position. You’re looking for the right person to join the team. So for companies with multiple offices, it’ll be easier to pick from a huge number of choices. Also, a company with multiple offices appeal more to job seekers. Thus, tapping a bigger pool of talents from different locations.

Space for building a full offshore team

Most offshoring companies with multiple offices has more than enough space to accommodate a full offshore team. Especially, if a potential client is aiming to expand its operations on a different country like in the Philippines. And not just like any other space, but a modern and secured office that can handle the employees’ needs.

Data security assurance

More equipped and capable of keeping data safe, offshoring providers with multiple offices are experienced in this aspect. Their reputation and pride over the years came from the confidence of being able to protect their client’s data.

Address reputation

An address might seem like just an address. But that’s not the case for people outside of your company, especially for potential clients. So having an office in good locations can be one of your company’s greatest asset. Say for example, in the Philippines, there are five major business centres in the Metro. However, big factors like traffic and transportation problems made some of these business districts inaccessible to most. In the country, most BPO companies are aiming to build offices in Eastwood and Araneta Center as they are both convenient locations for commuting. Both are also near the borderline of all exit and entry points in the Metro which makes it the most strategic locations for growing businesses compared to Makati and Ortigas.


Offshoring providers with multiple offices that are both accessible for prospect clients and employees is a good find. In the Philippines, there are numerous offshoring companies that can cater to all sorts of services. However, only a few are successful enough to be able to expand and have multiple offices.

DBOS, an Australian-owned offshore staffing company based in the Philippines is one of the two. After establishing the head office in Araneta Center, Cubao 4 years ago, the company is now ready to expand the business and open another door in Eastwood City. Anticipate the opening of their new office and help reduce your wages by up to 70% if you partner with us! Enquire now and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!


11 Things You Can Do to Your Website to Prepare for 2020

As the end of 2019 is getting near, company owners and leaders are starting to lay down their strategic plans for 2020. One of their main focus is on marketing efforts. For successful marketing to take place, checking the health of your website is essential.

Few months before the end of 2019, companies from different industries are preparing their marketing plans for the next year. One of them is the offshoring industry which remains as one of the most competitive income-generating fields in this generation.

As a vital part of your marketing efforts, refreshing your website and preparing it for the next year should be a must. Now, to further understand what and which comes first, here are 11 things that you can do to your website to push it into 2020.


#1.  Implement chatbots and live chat

Advances in technology will only become more prominent as the years pass by. In 2020, think-tanks are aiming to achieve better communication with clients and customers. With this, conversational marketing is highly anticipated. Also to avoid clogged chat boxes and other modes of communication, implementing the use of chatbots and live chats are a probable solution. At the very least, chatbots can answer common questions, qualify leads, set meetings and so much more.

#2. Measure your marketing

It is important to set up the right tracking software/analytics to see how well your website is doing before making any changes. It will also provide a plus point to your marketing if you can integrate visitor tracking and marketing automation.

#3. Become a video expert

Watching videos is a fast and convenient way to learn about something. For businesses, videos keep the audience longer on their websites, enabling them to know the brand better. So learning how to edit basic videos or doing it like a pro is going to be a trend next year.

#4. Focus on buyer problems, not product features

Always remember that the main purpose of a business is to serve its consumers. So instead of focusing on how to improve this and that service or product, hear what your client has to say first.

#5. Become a content machine

More than the quantity of any content, quality should always come first. So in 2020, quality content will be an important determinant of on how your website would do well.

#6. Focus on user experience

Continuously improving the user experience of your website to help your visitors navigate seamlessly is going to create a huge impact in 2020. Reduce your website’s friction and make sure to find a happy medium to effectively communicate with your users.

#7. Optimise for mobile

When it comes to optimising the website for mobile, the navigation experience is far more important than the design. Also, make sure to get right to the point instead of filling it with countless marketing content.

#8. Test your conversion points

Find out where specifically on your website does the users can convert from visitor to known contact. Sometimes, this includes pop up forms, chatbots, general forms, CTAs, and a lot more.

#9. Implement social media

Ensure that your social media icons are easily found on your website and utilise it for joining conversations on topics about your industry.

#10. Optimise your Google My Business

Make sure to regularly use your listing on Google My Business in 2020. Doing so will improve your local SEO as you are sharing information to the world’s largest search engine.

#11. Focus on context

Putting context on your website will make visitors feel more welcome which will bring your 2020 marketing plan to a new level.

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12 Professional Behaviour Tips in the Workplace

Every workplace environment has a different ethos. But no matter how distinctive it is from one another, companies would agree that an employee’s professional behaviour makes all the difference. More than dressing appropriately for work, one’s attitude and approach in the workplace can help improve their chance of success.

Many organisations nowadays have set a formal code of conduct for employees to follow. Failure to do so can bring negative consequences to the person involved. To avoid those, we come up with 12 tips on how to professionally behave at work.

Check out our infographic below!

professional behaviour

12 professional behaviours

  • Honesty
    Being honest is a highly important attribute for employees in all fields. When you’re honest, people will trust you more.
  • Respect
    Always remember that respect is earned. If you’re a leader and your people have seen you respect other people regardless of hierarchy or status, the more they will respect you.
  • Meetings
    Never be late for any kind of meeting and don’t show up unprepared. Don’t talk when somebody else is talking and ask questions only when necessary.
  • Communication
    Be mindful of how you talk to your colleagues and most especially to your boss. Make sure that you send the right message by watching the tone of your words in written emails and letters.
  • Time management
    Avoid arriving late for work and make sure to follow the break schedules. Practise allocating the right time to finish your workload for the day before going home.
  • Integrity 
    Act ethically and do the right thing at all times. Don’t hesitate to report misconduct and other violations of the company policy.
  • Safety 
    Even at work, be mindful of your safety. Know the company safety policy and actively participate in safety drills. Report hazards immediately.
  • Dress code
    In some companies, a strict dress code is observed. So if your company is implementing one, make sure to follow.
  • Accountability
    Take responsibility for all your actions and decisions. Avoid the blame-game to escape on your obligations and pin on to someone else.
  • Corporate goals
    Learn about the company’s mission vision and know your role in upholding all those.
  • Teamwork
    Work well together with your team and set aside the differences to achieve your shared goals. Maintain a good relationship with your members at all times and avoid talking behind each other’s back.
  • Commitment 
    Be dedicated to your role in the organisation you belong to. Do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve your goal and the company’s goal. Remember that if you work hard, there will be no other way but up.


Displaying professional behaviour at all times reflects your true character outside work. If you’re in the outsourcing industry, you have to mingle with different characteristics every single day. At times it’ll be hard, however, your behaviour should stay the same. But if you’re seeking a welcoming working environment, why not check out DBOS?

Aside from being one of the fastest-growing Australian-owned offshore staffing companies in the Philippines, we take pride in our employee engagement programs that focus on the well-being and career advancement of our employees. Browse on our career opportunities and be a part of our growing family!

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8 Pointers to Fuel Customer Service Growth in 2020 and Beyond

Today’s customer service growth goes beyond the traditional approach that we are extremely familiar with. As we have entered the age where many different channels of communication are made available, more effective customer support is expected to be implemented.

Customer service agents nowadays have full access to e-mail, live chat, social media, text messages and more. So companies that want to boost their sales and improve reputation has been conceptualizing the future of customer service growth.

See the infographic below and know the 8 lessons about customer service outsourcing to fuel growth in 2020 and beyond.

customer service growth

Customer support satisfaction

As customers highly value consistency, authenticity, and knowledge, gaining a better understanding of their expectations can boost their satisfaction. Ensuring it is the utmost priority of most businesses today. Check out our previous blog on how to improve the quality of your customer support services.

Customer support channels

The digital age enables customers to experience the omnichannel support that provides easier and faster service. This includes the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which they use on a daily basis.

Customer support agents

More than the know-how and professional experience, attitude is also a very important factor in picking the right customer support agents. While skills are learned and practised, friendliness, confidence, and a positive attitude are hard to teach. To be a great customer support agent, you have to have both.

Good customer experiences

Providing good customer service is what all companies aim to achieve, and so as their competitors. But, how would you get ahead of them? Making your customers happy is one thing, but providing a service that creates a huge impact on them could turn them into advocates.

Bad customer experiences

Unhappy customers only either complain or silently leave. And when they do, it’ll be hard to win their favour again. So it is always better to focus on providing a great service from the get-go to avoid the need for damage-control after.

Finances of support and service

According to a PWC survey, 86% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for better customer experience. That means companies who invest in good customer support agents and was able to retain them has more chances of successful upsells and gain more new customers.

Customer self-service

Most customers nowadays enjoy discovering and exploring the answers themselves as they are also learning in the process. In the next years to come, the customers’ preference for chat support and messaging will only keep on growing. So adding self-service support can mean huge wins for your business in the future.

Future of Customer Experience

As technology continues to evolve, the quality of customer service also remains developing. The trends are changing and customer expectations keep on growing. Companies that continuously seek the trend and is never afraid of changes are most likely to go far in the business.

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