5 Practical Tips To Successfully Build An Offshore Team

Offshoring offers companies a myriad of benefits especially now that a pandemic has made it become a common practice compared to a few years back when many companies didn’t see the need for it.

Some of the benefits associated with it include access to a vast pool of talents, the ability to cover multiple time zones, and more operating capital funds.

With technological advancements in the internet and communication software, offshoring has never been easier than now. However, there is the ever-present challenge of what to do to build the right offshore team for your company. In this article, we will look at five great tips on how to successfully build a committed offshore team that guarantees growth.

1. Screen for Reputable Outsourcing Companies

The first step in getting the best hands in is by hiring from the right outsourcing company. This involves collecting all the necessary information about shortlisted companies. It would also be a good practice to request for sample CV’s of their current employees. This way you can check the quality of talents they can acquire for you. 

Doing this can help you make a more informed decision and eliminate inconveniences resulting from negligent hiring. This will also ensure that only suitable and sustainable team members are brought in.

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2. Explore Business Models

It makes sense to keep in mind factors like the cost of building an offshore team in mind. However, the competitiveness in the offshore industry ensures that you can find companies that offer their services at reasonable rates. 

Cost-effectiveness is what matters most in the recruitment process. It is crucial to find professionals who are ready to provide the best job at a price that works for you. 

Before making a hiring decision, ask about things like hidden budgets, unforeseen costs, quotes, and timelines. There are different billing models you can consider, which include hourly, monthly or dedicated resource models.

3. Go From Smaller Engagement

It always makes sense to start projects with a small engagement with the offshore team. This helps candidates become more familiar with your company a well as other team members. 

Keep communication simple by using common and understandable language statements to ensure everyone irrespective of the country they come from are in tandem.

Doing this will help you understand better the quality of work done, the skill proficiency of the workers, professionalism, work ethics, and the attitude of team members.

4. Share Your Business and Product Vision

A common mistake made by many business owners is randomly assigning tasks to a team of professionals who don’t understand what the company’s vision is and how to achieve it. This can create a problem of people not working as a team towards a particular aim.

As you work with an offshore team, make sure that all the members of the team understand your goals and what you are looking to achieve with the product or service you sell. Help them see the whole picture of your vision. It is now on them to optimise their process and make smarter choices as the project progresses.

5. Use The Right Tools & Documentation

To successfully build an offshore team, consider using managing and controlling your projects with tools like Teams, Asana and Favro. This enables you to monitor, share, and create project ideas for your online team.

You can easily track team members and see what projects they are working on per time. Also, these tools help you manage team workload and schedules. You can discuss and comment on tasks in real-time as projects are being completed.


When hiring remote workers for your offshore team, ensure you follow the aforementioned offshore tips to get the right people. Choose people who have similar passion and enthusiasm for the work like you to prevent having challenges while working together.

To create a wonderful working environment for your team, ensure that you are flexible and adaptable to them. Give them autonomy, inspire them, and consider their opinions in making company decisions. 

Building an offshore team can be challenging, but if done right with patience and the right strategies, you can earn the rewards of business success.


11 Things You Can Do to Your Website to Prepare for 2020

As the end of 2019 is getting near, company owners and leaders are starting to lay down their strategic plans for 2020. One of their main focus is on marketing efforts. For successful marketing to take place, checking the health of your website is essential.

Few months before the end of 2019, companies from different industries are preparing their marketing plans for the next year. One of them is the offshoring industry which remains as one of the most competitive income-generating fields in this generation.

As a vital part of your marketing efforts, refreshing your website and preparing it for the next year should be a must. Now, to further understand what and which comes first, here are 11 things that you can do to your website to push it into 2020.


#1.  Implement chatbots and live chat

Advances in technology will only become more prominent as the years pass by. In 2020, think-tanks are aiming to achieve better communication with clients and customers. With this, conversational marketing is highly anticipated. Also to avoid clogged chat boxes and other modes of communication, implementing the use of chatbots and live chats are a probable solution. At the very least, chatbots can answer common questions, qualify leads, set meetings and so much more.

#2. Measure your marketing

It is important to set up the right tracking software/analytics to see how well your website is doing before making any changes. It will also provide a plus point to your marketing if you can integrate visitor tracking and marketing automation.

#3. Become a video expert

Watching videos is a fast and convenient way to learn about something. For businesses, videos keep the audience longer on their websites, enabling them to know the brand better. So learning how to edit basic videos or doing it like a pro is going to be a trend next year.

#4. Focus on buyer problems, not product features

Always remember that the main purpose of a business is to serve its consumers. So instead of focusing on how to improve this and that service or product, hear what your client has to say first.

#5. Become a content machine

More than the quantity of any content, quality should always come first. So in 2020, quality content will be an important determinant of on how your website would do well.

#6. Focus on user experience

Continuously improving the user experience of your website to help your visitors navigate seamlessly is going to create a huge impact in 2020. Reduce your website’s friction and make sure to find a happy medium to effectively communicate with your users.

#7. Optimise for mobile

When it comes to optimising the website for mobile, the navigation experience is far more important than the design. Also, make sure to get right to the point instead of filling it with countless marketing content.

#8. Test your conversion points

Find out where specifically on your website does the users can convert from visitor to known contact. Sometimes, this includes pop up forms, chatbots, general forms, CTAs, and a lot more.

#9. Implement social media

Ensure that your social media icons are easily found on your website and utilise it for joining conversations on topics about your industry.

#10. Optimise your Google My Business

Make sure to regularly use your listing on Google My Business in 2020. Doing so will improve your local SEO as you are sharing information to the world’s largest search engine.

#11. Focus on context

Putting context on your website will make visitors feel more welcome which will bring your 2020 marketing plan to a new level.

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professional behaviour

12 Professional Behaviour Tips in the Workplace

Every workplace environment has a different ethos. But no matter how distinctive it is from one another, companies would agree that an employee’s professional behaviour makes all the difference. More than dressing appropriately for work, one’s attitude and approach in the workplace can help improve their chance of success.

Many organisations nowadays have set a formal code of conduct for employees to follow. Failure to do so can bring negative consequences to the person involved. To avoid those, we come up with 12 tips on how to professionally behave at work.

Check out our infographic below!

professional behaviour

12 professional behaviours

  • Honesty
    Being honest is a highly important attribute for employees in all fields. When you’re honest, people will trust you more.
  • Respect
    Always remember that respect is earned. If you’re a leader and your people have seen you respect other people regardless of hierarchy or status, the more they will respect you.
  • Meetings
    Never be late for any kind of meeting and don’t show up unprepared. Don’t talk when somebody else is talking and ask questions only when necessary.
  • Communication
    Be mindful of how you talk to your colleagues and most especially to your boss. Make sure that you send the right message by watching the tone of your words in written emails and letters.
  • Time management
    Avoid arriving late for work and make sure to follow the break schedules. Practise allocating the right time to finish your workload for the day before going home.
  • Integrity 
    Act ethically and do the right thing at all times. Don’t hesitate to report misconduct and other violations of the company policy.
  • Safety 
    Even at work, be mindful of your safety. Know the company safety policy and actively participate in safety drills. Report hazards immediately.
  • Dress code
    In some companies, a strict dress code is observed. So if your company is implementing one, make sure to follow.
  • Accountability
    Take responsibility for all your actions and decisions. Avoid the blame-game to escape on your obligations and pin on to someone else.
  • Corporate goals
    Learn about the company’s mission vision and know your role in upholding all those.
  • Teamwork
    Work well together with your team and set aside the differences to achieve your shared goals. Maintain a good relationship with your members at all times and avoid talking behind each other’s back.
  • Commitment 
    Be dedicated to your role in the organisation you belong to. Do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve your goal and the company’s goal. Remember that if you work hard, there will be no other way but up.


Displaying professional behaviour at all times reflects your true character outside work. If you’re in the outsourcing industry, you have to mingle with different characteristics every single day. At times it’ll be hard, however, your behaviour should stay the same. But if you’re seeking a welcoming working environment, why not check out DBOS?

Aside from being one of the fastest-growing Australian-owned offshore staffing companies in the Philippines, we take pride in our employee engagement programs that focus on the well-being and career advancement of our employees. Browse on our career opportunities and be a part of our growing family!


The Benefits and Misconceptions About Offshore Labour

Offshoring has had a long history of ebb and flow. Practised in many countries all around the globe, it was and still highly impact economies on a good light. Whether in the assistance of creating more jobs that decrease a country’s unemployment rate or embracing the technologically advanced era, outsourcing has been recorded to do more good than bad. With the continued success of this business strategy, global entrepreneurs in all fields utilise the service.

On the other hand, the growth of the internet has played a huge part in all of this. As it connects people from all around the world despite their timezone differences and language barriers, employing an offshore staff from any part of the world became possible. Not only big enterprises but also small-medium businesses have exercised offshoring.

In Australia, offshoring in the Philippines has been a popular trend for years with more small and medium businesses looking out for experienced talents in that country.

Benefits of Offshore Labour

Generally, offshoring has already proved how effective it is as a business strategy. And for the past years, hundreds of Australian companies have chosen to offshore some of their tasks to a developing nation such as the Philippines. This year, it has re-emerged as a significant offshore player with a market value of $23 billion, according to arnnet.

Although offshore labour has been quite a thorny issue since it created a huge impact on most small businesses alike.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get when you choose to offshore your labour force:

  • Business growth. Offshoring allows you to get access to a huge pool of young and experienced talents from all over the world. These fresh minds will provide you with new perspectives and a different approach to strategies, enabling your business to focus solely on growth.
  • Access to international talent/s. Tapping a huge pool of talents all over the world improves the chances of employing an impressive team that can work best for your desired budget and schedule.
  • Availability. Having a support team from a different timezone enables your business to function 24/7 and be there for your clients whenever they need it. This increases the competitive edge of your business and results in better customer experience.

Other than all these reasons, many Australian companies also consider several factors that contribute to their decision to offshore. These includes:

  • Cheaper labour costs
  • Improved output
  • Lack of industry expertise
  • Availability of highly educated offshore business specialists
  • Freedom to concentrate on core business concerns
  • Excellent work ethics
  • Skilled individuals
  • Staff proficiency in English

Misconceptions About Offshore Labour

If there is a positive side to offshore labour, then probably there is a negative side too. Misconceptions, as we call it. With the right angle and nudge, these misconceptions could change everyone’s perception about basically everything about offshoring.

Let’s learn about some of the most common offshoring misconceptions that need debunking. Here are those:

1. Offshoring reduces jobs locally.

Throughout the years, most people perceive that offshoring means stealing the locals’ jobs. But contrary to that fear, offshoring in other countries is a business strategy that helps sustain the onshore teams. For example, a startup company offshore 2 or 3 of their tasks to a low-cost foreign country where they can save a huge amount. Now, offshoring enables a business to reduce costs with all kinds of expenses as well as gives them time to focus on the core services. By doing so, they’ll gain more time to generate bigger revenue. When the business grows, they’ll be needing more in-house staff, thus opening more jobs for the locals.

A recent study on the labour market effects of offshoring to multinational companies revealed that “a greater offshore activity modestly raises net employment by companies.”

2. Offshoring is cheap labour.

On developing countries like the Philippines, offshoring generally means that the wages are lower than of a first-world country, say for example – Australia. Normally, it is the cost of living in a particular country that determines the amount of pay an offshore worker receives. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t change the fact that countries like the Philippines produce highly-educated university graduates annually. These graduates are tech-savvy, proficient in English and are competitive in their specific fields. Offshore staff from this country can fulfil the skill requirements that your business may lack from the local workforce, at a more cost-effective price.

3. Offshoring provides poor working conditions.

Some BPOs overseas have the reputation of treating their workers like robots. In the earlier years of offshoring, there was once a misconception about building offices on cramped up spaces with employees who barely got up of their seats. However, to be able to stay in the competition, BPOs have to provide a comfortable working space and stable infrastructure. Also, the working environment should be strong and fun to keep the staff satisfied and happy. With the continuous advancements in technology, it is impossible to keep up with your competitors if you can’t provide the same advanced equipment.


Offshore labour has been quite an issue for countries like Australia. This has become so big that it even attracted a lot of media attention. However, the massive job losses that have been reported due to offshoring jobs in developing countries were never quantified due to the lack of evidence that supports the claim.

Nowadays, the influx of Australian businesses that chose to offshore their labour on countries with low cost of living continuously grows in number. These companies, either small or medium embraced the idea of offshoring to help expand their businesses that will, later on, create more local jobs.

So, neither of the circumstances can prove that choosing to offshore your labour is a good nor bad decision.

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traditional marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Offshore Digital Marketing

Over the past three decades, the world of marketing has dramatically evolved to cope up with leaps in technology. Those advances in technology have altered our traditional marketing setting to the digital marketing era that we’re in today. It is expected that the next years to come will eventually vanish any trace of traditional marketing, and that would leave the domination of the digitalised method.

Adapting to their practices this early would help you get a headstart for the future of marketing. The more exposed you are in the manner, the more you will be aware of all the do’s and dont’s.

Now when you talk about choosing offshore digital marketing or keeping it in-house, many businesses would agree on the first option. Why? Because of its numerous benefits such as cost-effectivity, high-quality output, and guaranteed results.

Here are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for business owners to check out. And to convince you even more, here are the 5 reasons why you should choose offshore digital marketing.


Offshoring your digital marketing services is an affordable alternative to the usual hiring-the-best-digital-agency strategy. You will be saving a huge amount of wages and equipment. Also, you can now avoid the hassle of recruiting the best talent for the job as your outsourcing partner can handle them all.


As digital marketing is a technology-based service, the experts in this field are highly-innovative and are well-acquainted with its every nook and cranny. Their minds are always brimming with creative ideas and fresh plans into the picture. Also, outsourced digital marketers are always updated with the latest developments in the field.

Target audience is easily reached

All the digital platforms available in the market today are utilised by digital marketers. They are very well-informed on how to make use of these platforms to easily reach their target audience. As per the results, give it only a few months and you’ll slowly see the impact of its outcome.

Transparent reports & insights

In an offshore digital marketing company, reports and insights are generated online so no one can tamper with it. Also, deliverables, schedules, and deployed services can be monitored by the client in real-time. So, digital marketers usually go the extra mile to achieve the best possible results and never disappoint the clients.

More time for core business

Outsourcing your digital marketing services will enable you to focus more on your core business tasks. Thus, giving you enough time and more chances of creating better plans for your business growth.


With technological advancements nowadays, offshore digital marketing become a widely popular strategy that businesses utilise. Since it is proven effective and results are transparent, more and more companies jump into offshoring their digital marketing services. Among the hundreds of countries that accommodate these services is the Philippines. The country is known as one of the top global outsourcing hubs and home to fast-growing outsourcing companies like DBOS.

DBOS is an Australian-owned offshore staffing company in the Philippines which offer a wide range of services including advanced digital marketing services. Save up to 70% on your labour and operational expenses with DBOS. Learn more about our offshore staffing services. Reach us today and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!

outsourced staff

Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Staff

Ever since communication has been improved by the internet, connecting with people from around the world became a lot easier. So, businesses especially startups take the chance to get a hold of the global talents. Some of them, if not all, started to hire an outsourced staff.

Most startup businesses practise a famous method that has been proven effective by other successful companies to hire outsourced staff. That method is also known as, offshoring.

Offshoring or offshore staffing is pursued by numerous successful companies from the start. This approach has helped them save a good amount of capital that aided their company to grow and develop.

Up until today, most startup businesses use this strategy as it always guarantees good results when properly implemented.

Learn more about how hiring an outsourced staff is the best for your startup business:

Cost-effective but with high-quality output

Hiring an outsourced staff would be an economical approach for the employer. As a startup, they have to find a way to both achieve spending lesser expenses but quality output. And the best plan that guarantees to achieve both goals is none other than, outsourcing. This would allow the employer not to hire an in-house staff which is more expensive. Their goal is to save a huge chunk of money and use it for future plans of expanding the business. With outsourcing, startup businesses no longer have to rent an office space and buy a full equipment set-up for a single position.

All you have to do is find a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing company that could accommodate your needs and achieve your expectations.

Access to global skills and perspectives

Having people from different countries on your team enhance the cultural adaptability of your company. This kind of exposure would be useful as you are planning to reach a wider audience. It also allows you to further improve your understanding of their unique approach and solution to various situations. Their perspectives could also give you a fuller look into what is the real issue and how to properly address it.

So, if you’re planning to hire high-quality talent but do not want to risk breaking the bank, outsourcing in the Philippines would be a good choice.

People working round-the-clock

As you gain access to talents around the world, you’d get to pick someone on a different time zone. So, production never stops. Your hired outsourced people can work on anything at all hours of the day. However, to reach the goal, having people in different time zones require careful scheduling. With proper planning, constant communication, and task allocations, this could create a great impact on a startup company in the long run.

Hiring an outsourced staff is a huge decision for your startup business. But, choosing an outsourcing company to help your business through success could get tricky. There are a huge number of companies in the same field, but not all work the same. Do some background research and make sure that your company of choice sits well with your expectations.

We here at DBOS is dedicated to helping you grow your business, that is our utmost concern. From offshore digital marketing, back-office services, IT outsourcing, up to customer support services, we can be of great support for your business!

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startup entrepreneurs

4 Things that Startup Entrepreneurs Should Do

Establishing a successful startup business comes with numerous challenges. It starts with financing up to finding the right space to rent for the office. However, these are not everything that startup entrepreneurs encounter.

According to a joint survey carried out by CoFounder magazine and ArcticStartup, 37% of startup founders believe that the biggest obstacle when creating a company is finding the right people to help run the business.

Meanwhile, some startup entrepreneurs refuse to share their responsibilities with other people. They are uncomfortable with the idea of giving other people the authority to run their business and is afraid of losing the overall control. But, it doesn’t work like that. It is almost impossible to handle everything on your own if you’re planning on growing your business. And that’s why some businesses chase the most cost-effective yet, high-quality option – outsourcing or offshore staffing in the Philippines.

Now to help you better manage your business, here are a few important things that startup entrepreneurs should do:

1. Get an outside perspective on your audits.

It is better to get an outsider’s perspective to avoid biased audits on your business expenditures. A certified practising accountant (CPA) that is in no way related to you or your business would be a good choice.

The goal of getting an expert’s opinion on your overheads is to double check if you missed a crucial part on your own audit. During the practice, the expert might see miscalculations and come up with ways to improve your processes.

2. Trust your team.

Employees are hired for their specialties and skills, so let them do what they do best – their jobs. Stop checking on your team and trust them to fulfil their roles. Doing so goes to show that you have the utmost faith in them.

Trust is a very risky word but also a solid foundation for a sturdy relationship. Showing them your confidence in their abilities creates a huge impact on their overall performance.

And while leadership is very much important in running a business, you certainly cannot function without your people. So building a strong relationship with your team is definitely essential.

3. Don’t stray far from your goal.

Always remind yourself of your initial goal. Focus on the company’s big picture and don’t get distracted by the “maybes”. Be clear of your overall business plan and don’t stray away from it. Create a schedule to make sure that your team stays on track towards achieving the main objective of your company.

4. Delegate your non-core tasks.

Doing every task on your own could exhaust you completely without even accomplishing your most important function. Lift off few of the burden on your shoulders and delegate some of your tasks to an expert. Do not tire yourself out with the roles that you can easily assign to someone who does it better.

Outsourcing could be a critical turning point in your business so you should choose carefully. You can consult a reputable offshore staffing company to help you handle all your outsourcing concerns.

Our goal here at DBOS is to help you grow your business. All our services are available for low and cost-effective prices. Know more about us when you contact DBOS for a FREE consultation today!

offshoring fears

Australian Businesses: Offshoring Fears and How to Overcome Them

Since the boom of business outsourcing companies in the Philippines, numerous startups choose to pursue offshore back office services in Manila. One of these countries is Australia. And like any other companies, there are unavoidable offshoring fears.

Outsourcing comes with a lot of dangers that can be avoided through smart understanding, together with rigorous planning and preparation. It would be best to prepare damage control ideas and take this potential outsourcing issues to heart.

Data Security

One of the most common fears that offshoring businesses have is security. Since offsite employees can access important information, there is an increased security risk for the business. This is why hiring a reliable outsourcing partner is vital. Many outsourcing companies today have installed CCTV cameras inside the production floor. Most of them also ban personal electronic and mobile devices during work hours which can only be accessed during breaks. Other companies even disable their USB ports to ensure that all data will be kept safe inside your company’s network. Monthly IT checks on the employees’ computer devices should also be a part of the continuous precaution.

Nowadays, data security is a key concern for all businesses and individuals. Most importantly that hackers are creating a rampage. That’s why it is important to find a trusted outsourcing company with reputation and capability to protect your data all the time.

Quality Output

The fear of low-quality output is one of the Australian’s concerns since services in the Philippines is cheaper than the local employment. However, there have been countless testimonies from other clients that Filipinos are truly smart and productive. Highly trainable and naturally skilled workers are the international perception of Filipino employees. It is because most employees are university graduates.

However, the country’s recruitment process remains to be of no easy feat. From a huge number of applicants through the recruitment process, it’ll be narrowed down to a few candidates. If short-listed, candidates will be called for examinations and a series of interviews. And then whoever passed the final set of examination and interview will be chosen for the position.

Cultural Differences 

Differences in culture between the outsourcing partner and the client might cause a huge misunderstanding, if not addressed properly. That’s why it is important to discuss this properly between the involved parties. Since business is a two-way street, proper communication is definitely essential. To reach out, you can try to include face-to-face meetings and video conferencing as well.

Adapting to any kind of culture is one of the Filipino’s best traits. People from all over the world commend this character as they easily get along with each other. This culture was gained through a long way back from the country’s colourful history. Up until this day, Filipino’s have embedded the traits that made them adaptable to any culture and situation.

Remember that when you’ve picked the perfect outsourcing partner, adaptability is just a small matter that should never be a problem.

The items listed above are only a few of the common offshoring fears that most Australian companies are concerned about. Careful planning and extensive research for the most reliable outsourcing partner is the key to achieving an incredible venture.

Now, always remember that you should never let these offshoring fears hinder the growth of your business. Be ready to test the waters and take huge leaps for the betterment of your company. Only then you can reach incredible development.

For more tips and ideas on what to consider before choosing a reliable and capable outsourcing partner, read this blog.

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced outsourcing partner, contact DBOS for a FREE consultation today!

outsourcing services

Perks of Outsourcing Services to the Philippines

On a previous article, we tackled about the reasons why Philippines is the ideal outsourcing destination. Today, we will learn about the benefits of outsourcing services to the Philippines.

Of the numerous outsourcing countries in the world, the Philippines truly stand out. In fact, the country’s BPO industry remains one of the biggest factors that help its economy.

As a result, a massive number of BPO call centres was built in the country. Meanwhile, the same amount of small and medium business enterprises started outsourcing their services.

Aside from lower labour costs, quality staff, infrastructure, and equipment, there are other advantageous perks that you can enjoy when you choose to offshore your services. Listed below is:

Employee flexibility

Filipinos are known for their neutral accents and they can easily learn others if needed. In addition to that, most of those talents are college graduates, and that makes it easier to be taught. Now, establishing your own offshore team in the Philippines creates a greater possibility of employing diversified talents. From several back-office services to other outsourcing services, they sure can handle them all.

Round-the-clock business hours

For your business that never sleeps, running it 24/7 is the solution. When you choose to outsource your services, you won’t have to worry about who will look out for your processes. Even if you’re sleeping or on holiday, your Filipino offshore team can surely take over. Aside from the round-the-clock work, this benefit also improves productivity as it operates overnight.

Less management headaches

One of the busiest department in a business is probably the HR, as they handle people from recruiting up to its everyday performance. Your offshore HR people will be the one to sweat buckets and assure that your team remains well-managed. They will be in charge of your staff benefits, salary, leave credits, and especially legal matters.

Professional work ethics

Filipinos take pride in having one of the best work ethics in the professional industry. They are widely known as hardworking, friendly, hospitable, and sympathetic people who always impress employers. They are also easy to get along with which makes the whole office environment vibe livelier. This impeccable trait is why Filipinos are suitable for jobs that require a lot of customer interaction and coordination.

Now all that’s left is to choose a trustworthy offshore staffing Manila-based company who specialises on your most prized services.

For quality and cost-efficient offshore services, call DBOS today! 

Telesales Isn’t Dead—and Here’s Why

From an outsider’s perspective, telemarketing seems like an outdated form of selling your products. Today’s technology has forced the marketing industry to take great strides when it comes into advertising. From large LED screens playing video ads 24/7 situated in busy city streets, to subtle digital marketing techniques to help give target consumers a gentle nudge towards buying more goods, selling stuff through the phone is perceived to pale in comparison: it’s a marketing method almost as old as direct selling itself.

But today, call centres are still in demand because telesales still works. Despite the persistent misconceptions surrounding phone marketing, outsourcing telesales can still make a huge impact on your business.

It’s the least annoying form of advertising

Almost every time you go online, there’s always that pesky pop-up ad begging you to click on them. Even when you’re watching a video on Facebook or Youtube, or when reading an article, the average reader will have to go through a few hoops in order to dodge an incessant barrage of either static or video ads. Ads have gone from a necessary evil to a regular nuisance, and audiences are trying to actively avoid it. According to a poll, telesales is ranked as the least annoying form of advertising as only 4% of the total respondents have voted against it. This means that when conducted properly, telemarketing is less likely to be ignored by a target audience compared to other forms of endorsing sales.

Phone marketing strengthens human connection

Since telesales is conducted through voice calls, prospect consumers experience a more intimate approach. Customers were found to respond more with telemarketing because of the human interaction factor, affecting the perceived sincerity and personal touch of the transaction or session. According to recent studies, when making big decisions for large purchases like a car, insurance, healthcare, or the like, customers prefer calling businesses personally and talking to a real human being. Because of this, telesales is one of the business processes that are not currently in danger of being replaced by AI. This trend in customer behaviour also makes outsourcing telesales very ideal, as international agents from countries like the Philippines are well regarded because of their positive personalities and empathy towards their customers. Having a strong and experienced team of telemarketing can do wonders in helping to further develop your business.

Outsourcing telesales generates leads

Though there are several different ways to perform lead generation, telemarketing is among the most efficient method. Offshore telesales promotes better brand awareness and provides greater market insight. A significant chunk of the call centre industry specialises in performing outbound sales through offshore telesales. According to relevant statistics, outsourcing lead generation is ranked to be 43% more effective than in-house due to expertise and experience. Hiring an offshore staff to generate leads for your company stacks up numerous advantages on your end, as not only will you get better results, outsourcing also allows you to save money while efficiently improving your cash flow.


These are only among the many reasons why telesales continues to play an important role in business until today. Though times are changing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all traditional practices are rendered defunct due to technological advances. Telemarketing isn’t dead, and it isn’t showing any signs of dying out anytime soon.

Looking for highly-skilled telemarketers to boost your company’s sales? Check out our staffing services to see which of our outsourcing services is the best fit for your business’ needs.