Millennials: Redefining Work Perspectives

Strict and stiff, this is the definition of a workplace before millennials were even born. Serious and utterly too formal is how professionals look before. Fortunately, gone are those days now. As the world evolves, new generations were unleashed and they were the ones who redefine the work perspectives. They are the infamous, millennials.

Even when they were often misunderstood and always had a bad rap amongst generations, millennials strived to recreate a working environment which most companies have already adapted nowadays.

Despite being divided by generations, there remains a common ground which all employees would agree with – how can we be happy and productive at work?


According to a survey, most millennial employees want their work to have meaning and purpose. They want to learn, develop, and their job to fit their life. They also want to show their skills and talents on areas which they are good at.

Sixty percent of employees consider this aspect the most important. Regardless of age or gender, knowing your purpose on the job is absolutely one of the things that suffice your satisfaction on your career.

Here are a few tips on how to find purpose in any job. 


One might think that millennials only care about the benefits that they’d get for themselves. But, a survey proved that employees want the benefits that offer flexibility, and the ability to lead a better life.

Just like the boomers and Gen Xers, millennials see health insurance, leave credits, and retirement plans as the most important. They value these perks so much that in some cases, millennials are even willing to change jobs. Another thing is that they want benefits and perks that would also impact the lives of their family members.


Glorifying the hierarchy that disrupts the harmony of staff and managers is one thing that millennials despise. This is one of the traditional work practices on the olden days. Later on, some company changed that work practice and tried to reach out to their employees more. Today, most companies practice the gesture of erasing the line between hierarchies to know more about their employees.

Regardless of the generation gap, all employees appreciate feedbacks and constructive criticisms from their managers. For employees, it is an indication that their managers are closely monitoring them. And that giving them a piece of advice denotes that the employee can do much better.

Enumerated above are only a few of the numerous ways on how millennials contributed to a change in the workplace. From the traditional rigid corporate setting, we now can enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed environment.

Just like how we at DBOS sustain a light-hearted atmosphere that encourages productivity. As well as, maintaining a fun work environment by keeping the lines open between the administration and employees.

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