Important Employee Engagement Stats

Employee engagement does not simply mean happiness nor satisfaction. An employee can be happy and satisfied at work but might not be willing to go the extra mile for the organisation and its goals.

According to a definition by Forbes, employee engagement is the level of commitment, passion, and loyalty a worker has toward their work and company. The more engaged an employee is, the more work they’ll put forth.

What do engaged employees mean for your business?

A business with engaged employees create lower risks of turnover, boost customer satisfaction, and produces high-quality output. They work hard not only for the paycheck but also to help achieve the company’s goals. They are committed, passionate, and loyal to their jobs. Those are the people who don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve the common goal.

Check out some important employee engagement stats on the infographic below.


It is rare to find highly-engaged employees nowadays because most of them work on a routine basis. They do their jobs excellently, beat their deadlines, go to work on time, but do not put extra effort to achieve the company’s goal.

That’s why we at DBOS continuously organise activities that aim to involve our employees with everything that goes within the company. We provide them with a healthy and comfortable working environment, as well as a support staff that they can always go-to for assistance.

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