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Best Things To Do On Your Rest Days

Rest has a bad rap in our culture. In the early days, it is equal to laziness. However, for regular employees and other workers alike, rest days are highly essential.

In the BPO industry, graveyard shifts are the usual schedule. Due to the timezone difference, most agents start to work from in the middle of the night until the morning of the next day. This change in body clock put a serious risk to most employee’s health and well-being, so rest days are very crucial for them. It gives them time to revitalise their energy and allocate it to manage their personal life.

According to studies, rest is an important factor for working well and working smart. On the other hand, overworked employees could be very irritable and unproductive.

Here at DBOS, we pay close attention to the well-being of our employees. That’s why we take pride in our dayshift schedule and weekend off for our outsourced customer support, offshore digital marketing, back-office outsourcing, and other roles.

To enjoy their rest days, we enumerated a few hangout areas around Quezon City, check them out!

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Finding an outsourcing company that offers a dayshift schedule for all employees is a gem hidden behind the hundreds of BPO businesses.

Listed as one of the sought after countries to outsource your services is the Philippines. Among the hundreds of these businesses in the country is DBOS, a fast-growing Australian-owned offshore staffing company that can help reduce your wage costs up to 70%!

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