outsourcing statistics

Outsourcing Statistics to Guide Your Business Decisions

The power of outsourcing has long been proven to be one of the most effective business strategies. Small and medium businesses trusted this exemplary approach to help their businesses grow. To convince themselves, most startup entrepreneurs also refer to various outsourcing statistics before deciding whether to jump into this game plan or not.

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce your wage costs, tap a huge pool of the best talents, and get your business running 24/7. If the nature of your business allows, pick your outsourced team/staff from a different time zone and take is an advantage so you’ll have someone working for you around the clock.

Offshore staffing companies offer various back-office services, offshore digital marketing, IT outsourcing, and outsourced customer support services.

Now, numbers don’t lie.

The infographic below contains the latest figures and facts about the global outsourcing industry based on combined comprehensive surveys.

outsourcing statistics

Outsourcing companies are found all over the world. But, some of the most sought after are found in Asia. One of these is the Philippines, also known as the “Outsourcing Hub of Asia”. With its low-cost services but guaranteed high-quality output, the country became home to numerous foreign outsourcing companies who wish to expand their business.

Among the countless offshore staffing companies in Manila is DBOS, a fast-growing Australian-owned company that offers exemplary talents for cost-effective prices.

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