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Outsourcing Statistics to Guide Your Business Decisions

The power of outsourcing has long been proven to be one of the most effective business strategies. Small and medium businesses trusted this exemplary approach to help their businesses grow. To convince themselves, most startup entrepreneurs also refer to various outsourcing statistics before deciding whether to jump into this game plan or not.

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce your wage costs, tap a huge pool of the best talents, and get your business running 24/7. If the nature of your business allows, pick your outsourced team/staff from a different time zone and take is an advantage so you’ll have someone working for you around the clock.

Offshore staffing companies offer various back-office services, offshore digital marketing, IT outsourcing, and outsourced customer support services.

Now, numbers don’t lie.

The infographic below contains the latest figures and facts about the global outsourcing industry based on combined comprehensive surveys.

outsourcing statistics

Outsourcing companies are found all over the world. But, some of the most sought after are found in Asia. One of these is the Philippines, also known as the “Outsourcing Hub of Asia”. With its low-cost services but guaranteed high-quality output, the country became home to numerous foreign outsourcing companies who wish to expand their business.

Among the countless offshore staffing companies in Manila is DBOS, a fast-growing Australian-owned company that offers exemplary talents for cost-effective prices.

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Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Discussions between which is a better option, outsource virtual assistant or hiring in-house staff is still a thing up to this day.

For startups, hiring a virtual assistant is a huge step forward for the business. It will help business owners free up a lot of their time to focus on creating more growth strategies. Also, virtual assistants nowadays can provide support in all services that involve administrative, secretarial, and even advanced web-related tasks. And that is probably why even established businesses still outsource virtual assistants.

On the other hand, the argument that hiring an in-house staff could cost too much for any business remains valid because it really does. When you’ve got the option to tap a talent that can produce a high-quality output for a low price, would you not grab the opportunity?

Listed on the infographic below are some of the reasons that will convince you how hiring a virtual assistant can help your business grow.


Read here to understand the numerous benefits of outsource virtual assistant.

Out of all the back office offshore services that we offer in the Philipines, virtual assistants are on the list of top outsourced roles. The country produces highly-qualified and experienced VAs that makes multitasking looks easy.

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offshore call centre

Offshore Call Centre Facts

Offshore call centre services have long been a vital part of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Long before other back-office offshore services was introduced in the Philippines, the call centre business was first.

For years, the BPO industry has hugely contributed to the economic growth of several struggling countries including India and the Philippines. These countries were two of those who keep on dominating the industry up until this day. Industry experts even called the Philippines as Asia’s outsourcing hub and the ideal destination for outsourcing.

Call centre hubs in the country focus on providing customer service and sales. Compared to in-house agents, outsourced customer support offers lower labour costs but produces higher productivity rates – a total win-win situation. And that is the major reason why foreign companies choose to outsource in other countries.

Learn more about the offshore call centre industry on the infographics below.

offshore call centre

So, if you’re looking for a reputable and trusted offshore staffing company who can handle all your call centre needs, just visit us at You can also check out the other offshore staffing services that we offer and get a free consultation from our very own CEO and founder!


The Perfect Time to Outsource Your HR Services

Piles of unread papers on your desk and crumpled ones everywhere – the classic image of an HR office. Sometimes you can’t help but ask, is there any other way to do this paperless and more organised?

Business owners and admin department have long been distressed with thinking of alternatives for a more systematic HR process. Fortunately, times have evolved and HR support outsourcing has become a part of the trend.

A number of successful companies today can prove that choosing outsource HR services has helped their processes run smoothly. Some of their functions include; recruitment, training, development, labour law compliance, compensation, benefits, and employer-employee relations.

Coming up with the decision to outsource your HR services is a huge leap for the whole department, most especially, for the company. So, you should learn about the advantages of outsourcing your HR services beforehand to see if it fits your business.

On the other hand, how will you determine if its finally time to decide on outsourcing?

Well, there’s a perfect time for everything, they say. So if you rush something without thinking thoroughly, the chance of it failing is bigger than its success.

That’s why we made this special list for you to determine if now is the perfect time to outsource your company HR functions.

1. If your business is growing

A growing business means more positions to fill, and so are applicants to pick from. On the recruitment area, it automatically translates to busy hiring months. Pooling for candidates and skilled individuals are not as easy as it may seem. Job postings here and there, countless phone calls, scheduling interviews, and so much more – just to find the right candidates.

Did you know that the longer it gets to fill a certain position, the bigger the money you are spending? But, if you delegate this task to an expert, they can ensure to fill in the position with a skilled candidate, on a deadline.

2. If you need to save money

Outsourcing saves you money in so many ways. For instance, you’ll get the expertise of someone that doesn’t have to be trained. Also, outsourced talent’s wages are definitely lower compared to an in-house team. When you have a competent 3rd party provider whom you can rely on and trust, you’ll earn more time for the things that will help your business grow. It will also give you the peace of mind to entrust your full HR functions to someone with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

3. If you’re spending too much time managing your HR problems

HR problems are definitely laborious. And if you’re not someone who specialised in this area, it’ll be hard for you. As a business owner, you might have been thinking that taking as many roles in your business as you could, will help you save a bigger amount. The truth is, you are actually wasting your time. Instead of doing it all by yourself, you should delegate it to those who have a wider knowledge and definite expertise on the matter. If you choose to outsource HR, not only will you save time but also money.


Back-office offshore services like HR, content, digital marketing, accounting, and a lot more are all time-consuming.  All of these requires so many details. So, if you’re a business owner and you’re trying to expand your business, let someone with expertise handle all the technicalities. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

And if you’re looking for a reputable company with know-how on all outsource HR services, consider DBOS – a fast-growing Australian owned offshore staffing company in the Philippines who offer cost-effective rates in all the right ways!

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4 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Services

Salaries and wages are important aspects of an organisation. They are part of the time-consuming payroll services that your business does not directly profit from but is highly-important.

In some companies, accountants and bookkeepers handle these services. But as you’re looking out on growing your business, you should stop stuffing other tasks to just anyone. Doing so can pose a serious risk to your company if they don’t meet the compliance standards, taxes, and other obligations. It is the main reason why dedicated payroll experts are needed instead of someone who only knows a thing or two.

In comparison to in-house, an outsourced payroll partner is more familiar with the legalities of other countries, as well as the various approach to ensure a more efficient system. An outsourced payroll partner is usually dedicated to doing one task only as experience enables them to create a better approach to things.

If you want to know more about the importance of outsourcing your payroll services, check out these 5 reasons why:

1. More time for core competencies

By default, outsourcing your payroll services will free up a huge chunk of your time. This will help you focus on the more important matters, most especially if you are growing your business. Also, you will be able to decide on other revenue-generating strategies that will increase your business value. Finally, your staff will be able to focus their attention to their respective fields that will eventually result in increased productivity.

2. Peace of mind about compliance

When a specific task is not revenue-increasing for a company, multiple errors occur here and there. These errors could be costly if not properly addressed. Also, navigating through the rules and regulations of payroll can be a challenge if it is not your cup of tea. Every single detail is hard to absorb and remember if it’s something you don’t specialise in. But, payroll experts can handle it all too well. They are well-informed on the latest updates and changes covered so obligations will always be met in a timely manner.

3. Improved security

Digital security is very complex and costly but, payroll outsourcing providers ensure that they invest in highly skilled specialists. These specialists maintain payroll systems and make sure that they are fully secured.

When you choose to outsource your payroll services payslips, leave applications, and other paper-based forms will be eliminated to make way for digitised materials. All these files will also be organised and available online for your review.

4. Dedicated payroll experts

Choosing to outsource your payroll services will give you access to specialists that will provide you with nothing but quality services. These payroll experts are experienced and always ready to assist you at all times. Having an outsourced team will definitely help reduce the pressure from your in-house staff.

Outsourcing your payroll services can create a big impact on your business someday. Companies of all sizes do this nowadays because of the numerous benefits that they’re getting.

All these benefits and more will be yours when you outsource with DBOS! For more information, check out the other back-office offshore services that we offer and get a free consultation from our CEO/Founder!