offshore call centre

Offshore Call Centre Facts

Offshore call centre services have long been a vital part of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Long before other back-office offshore services was introduced in the Philippines, the call centre business was first.

For years, the BPO industry has hugely contributed to the economic growth of several struggling countries including India and the Philippines. These countries were two of those who keep on dominating the industry up until this day. Industry experts even called the Philippines as Asia’s outsourcing hub and the ideal destination for outsourcing.

Call centre hubs in the country focus on providing customer service and sales. Compared to in-house agents, outsourced customer support offers lower labour costs but produces higher productivity rates – a total win-win situation. And that is the major reason why foreign companies choose to outsource in other countries.

Learn more about the offshore call centre industry on the infographics below.

offshore call centre

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