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Top Qualities of an Excellent Call Centre Agent

Working as a call centre agent can be stressful, gruelling, and may often seem like a thankless job. You can be sure to get yelled at and blamed by angry customers because they are dissatisfied with a product or service. An agent takes more abuse than you can imagine and receives less appreciation.

That’s why it takes a special type of individual with the right qualities to thrive and excel in this line of work. The reality is agents who provide great customer service do not often get the credit and recognition they deserve. While some may get frustrated and quit, others stick to their jobs and keep hustling until they attain the respect and success they deserve.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Why do some agents stand out and become successful where others have failed? Well, the short answer is these people have specific qualities and skills that set them apart from the rest. If you want to be an excellent call centre agent, here’s what it takes.

Top-notch communication skills.

A call centre agent’s primary function is to talk to customers. So, it stands to reason that you need to have excellent communication skills. But that is not limited to speaking. You also need to be a good listener to understand what the customer is complaining about, so you can offer the right solution quickly and efficiently.

Ability to empathise.

As mentioned earlier, a call centre agent endures a lot of abuse from irate customers. That’s why it’s important that you know how to understand customers. No matter how unhappy an incensed customer can make you feel, you still need to make customers feel like you are on their side, fully understand their problems, and be dedicated to helping them.

Great organisational skills.

Whatever line of work you decide to pursue, you’ll always need to be organised. From setting up all your tools before the start of your shift to preparing all the reports at the end of your day, knowing how to organize them all is crucial. To avoid forgetting an important task or detail, being organised will ensure you’ll have a smooth day at work.


As a call centre agent, you’ll handle dozens of calls every day from different kinds of customers with various problems. An excellent call centre agent can deal with customers with less than desirable personalities and go with the flow of the call. Moreover, they should be able to adjust to shifting work schedules to adapt to the business’ ever-changing demands.

Ability to multitask.

Great call centre agents can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Not only are they speaking and listening to customers, but they are also taking notes, pulling up their customers’ accounts, and using their tools. They may also be sending emails or text messages as they speak to customers.

Possess product knowledge or be familiar with the business.

If you don’t have an intimate knowledge of your client’s products, business or services, you won’t be able to serve your customers well. You won’t be able to provide the features and benefits of a certain product or service and therefore, won’t be able to sell anything to your customers.

These are just some of the qualities and skills you need to have to become one of the best call centre agents in the BPO industry. But we hope they are enough to help you get started on the right career path and lead you to success.

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