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The Top Qualities of Filipino Employees That Foreign Employers Love

When it comes to outsourcing, the Philippines has emerged as a preferred destination for businesses around the world. The country’s workforce possesses a remarkable set of qualities that make Filipino employees highly sought after by foreign employers. In this article, we will explore the top qualities that make offshore staff in the Philippines a valuable asset for companies looking to outsource. If you’re considering outsourcing to the Philippines, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions is here to provide you with exceptional service and support throughout the process.

  1. Strong Work Ethic: Filipino employees are known for their strong work ethic, which is deeply ingrained in their culture. They are diligent, reliable, and dedicated to delivering high-quality work. Their commitment to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations is highly appreciated by foreign employers. Whether it’s managing projects, providing customer support, or handling administrative tasks, Filipino employees consistently demonstrate a remarkable work ethic.
  2. Excellent Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial in any business setting, especially in an offshore outsourcing setup. Filipino employees excel in this aspect, as English is widely spoken and understood in the Philippines. Their proficiency in English, both written and spoken, enables seamless collaboration with foreign employers and clients. Clear and concise communication eliminates barriers and ensures smooth business operations.
  3. Adaptability and Flexibility: Filipino employees are known for their adaptability and flexibility. They can quickly adjust to changes in work processes, technologies, and client requirements. This adaptability enables them to seamlessly integrate into foreign companies’ workflows and systems, making the outsourcing experience more efficient and productive. Their ability to handle diverse tasks and work in different time zones also adds value to businesses that operate globally.
  4. High Level of Education and Technical Skills: The Philippines boasts a robust education system that produces highly skilled professionals. Filipino employees often hold degrees from reputable universities and possess a strong foundation in their respective fields. Additionally, they continuously update their knowledge and skills to stay relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape. Whether it’s IT, finance, marketing, or any other industry, Filipino employees are well-equipped with the technical expertise required to excel in their roles.
  5. Positive Attitude and Cultural Compatibility: One of the standout qualities of Filipino employees is their positive attitude towards work and life. They bring a vibrant and cheerful demeanour to the workplace, fostering a pleasant work environment. Foreign employers appreciate their friendly nature, teamwork, and ability to build strong professional relationships. Furthermore, Filipinos have a cultural compatibility with Western countries, making it easier to align with foreign clients’ values and expectations.

Outsourcing with Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions:

When considering outsourcing to the Philippines, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS) stands out as a reliable partner. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional outsourcing solutions, DBOS offers several benefits that make it an ideal choice:

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: DBOS provides cost-effective outsourcing solutions that allow businesses to reduce overhead expenses significantly. By partnering with DBOS, companies can access top-quality talent in the Philippines without the burden of recruitment, training, and operational costs.
  2. Tailored Services: DBOS understands that every business has unique requirements. They offer customized outsourcing services, allowing clients to handpick the specific roles and functions they want to outsource. This tailored approach ensures that businesses receive the right support and expertise they need to succeed.
  3. Seamless Integration: DBOS facilitates seamless integration between clients and their offshore staff. They ensure efficient communication channels, project management tools, and constant support to foster collaboration and streamline operations.

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Filipino employees possess a remarkable set of qualities that foreign employers appreciate when outsourcing. Their strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, adaptability, high level of education, and positive attitude make them valuable assets to any organization. When considering outsourcing to the Philippines, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions offers exceptional service, cost-effectiveness, tailored solutions, and seamless integration. Make DBOS your outsourcing partner and experience the benefits of working with highly skilled Filipino professionals.

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Common Cultural Differences Between the Philippines and Australian Workplaces

Geographically speaking, Australia and the Philippines is 6,308 kilometres away from each other. By plane, it would roughly take at least 8 hours and 25 minutes. But other than the location, both countries also have cultural differences which are especially evident in workplaces.

Culture is definitely one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when working with different races. So it is best to learn a few of the common cultural differences to avoid misjudgment.

Here are a few cultural differences between the Philippines and Australian workplaces:

Hierarchy vs Equality

Workplaces in the Philippines importantly observe hierarchy. They aim to maintain an unstressful environment with their bosses and other executives. Authority is highly respected and orders are followed without objections.

On the other hand, Australian workplaces practise equality regardless of race, gender, and position. They strongly believe that positions only disrupts the company’s productivity.

In addition, Filipino employees also use titles such as “Sir, Ma’am, Boss”, almost automatically when they meet the higher-ups in the company. However, despite the position, Australian employees are more comfortable calling each other on a first-name basis.

Self-discipline vs Laid-back

Australians are well-known around the world to have a “laid-back” personality. They are often relaxed and have always seen things on a lighter side. But where does that specific personality started? According to Dr. Tanja Luckins, a lecturer in Australian Studies at Melbourne’s Deakin University, Australia was the first place in the world to introduce the eight-hour workday. She also mentioned that Victoria was the first place in the world to introduce the eight-hour day: eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for recreation. This setup helps them achieve a healthy work-life balance that might’ve affected how they view things.

On the contrary, most of the Filipino working population believes that work is of higher importance. Thus, working hard is the only way to help their families to provide for their daily needs. They even prefer to work overtime and on holidays just to finish their responsibilities at work. And despite a lot of drawbacks, Filipinos are undoubtedly hard workers.

Results-oriented vs Relationships-oriented

In an Australian work setting, time is of the essence. They don’t appreciate those who are always late because it only disrupts their level of productivity. Their full attention mostly leans on deadlines and results rather than long-lasting relationships with their fellow employees.

On the flipside, Filipinos highly value a harmonious working environment, thus making sure that engaging and communicating well with their co-workers is possible. They love discussions, casual conversations, and doing consensus before deciding even the smallest of things.

All these cultural differences between the Philippines and Australia defines each country, their history, and their individualism. Nonetheless, these differences did not hinder them to collaborate on a specific business idea – outsourcing.

A huge number of Australian businesses and startups have already started to rely on several business outsourcing companies in Southeast Asia. Location- and time zone-wise, most of them specifically choose offshore staffing in the Philippines.

For several years, the trust and partnership between these two countries tighten even more despite their cultural differences. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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Top Qualities of an Excellent Call Centre Agent

Working as a call centre agent can be stressful, gruelling, and may often seem like a thankless job. You can be sure to get yelled at and blamed by angry customers because they are dissatisfied with a product or service. An agent takes more abuse than you can imagine and receives less appreciation.

That’s why it takes a special type of individual with the right qualities to thrive and excel in this line of work. The reality is agents who provide great customer service do not often get the credit and recognition they deserve. While some may get frustrated and quit, others stick to their jobs and keep hustling until they attain the respect and success they deserve.