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Reasons Why Offshore Staffing in the Philippines Thrive

Compared to its neighbouring countries, the Philippines is one of the most popular when it comes to offshore staffing. A number of foreign companies, especially Australians choose to outsource to the Philippines for a very long time.

The offshore staffing industry started in the early 2000s. Countries like India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines have become favoured outsourcing destinations by more Australian companies. Now, businesses such as Salmat, Telstra, Macquarie and a lot more have ventured to the offshore staffing business.

But why do these companies choose the Philippines out of all the countries out there? Here are some of the reasons why:

Filipinos are smart and well-versed 

The literacy rate in the Philippines is at around 97%. Every year the country produces thousands of university graduates with various degrees. The country’s educational system has also been upgraded to create more competent talents that would be internationally in demand. Aside from their native tongue, they are also taught to have good command in English. As most companies require English-literacy for candidates, most schools give huge attention to teaching the language.  

Cost-effective services with high-quality output

The cost of living in the Philippines is absolutely one of the lowest in the world. With high-end talents and outstanding services to offer, the country was dubbed as the World’s Outsourcing Hub. It means that the lower the cost of living is, the lower the wage will be. With a guaranteed high-quality output for all services, outsourcing your services in the Philippines will help you save 70%. In comparison to an in-house team, building an offshore team will enable you to spend more time on your core services. Thus, increasing revenue while saving a huge cost. 

Filipinos are great employees

By nature, Filipinos are known to be smart, fun, and reliable individuals. No matter where they are in the world, their reputation for being hardworking is always evident. This distinction is attributed to strong Filipino values and their stellar work ethics. Their ability to adapt to any change in the workplace is always a level above others which employers highly commend. Their good reputation is the result of their persistence over the years which has been passed to generations after. 

The country’s timezone is close to Australia

Brisbane is just two hours ahead from the Philippines which makes it easier to communicate with each other. Filipino employees working for Australian companies also get to enjoy dayshift work schedules, unlike other offshore customer support staff. Enquiries from Australian clients can also be answered in real-time because of the minimal time difference. That’s why it is very ideal for Australian companies to outsource in the Philippines.     


Australian companies don’t need any more convincing as some of them have already established their businesses in the country. Other factors that make you think twice about choosing to outsource in the Philippines will be disregarded once you see how other foreign companies are thriving. 

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