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What are the 5Ws and One H of Content Outsourcing?

One of the biggest hurdles in writing compelling content on a regular basis is coming up with new ideas every time. All while trying to keep the quality high and the content evergreen. That is probably why most entrepreneurs are leaning on content outsourcing.

Know how to effectively outsource your content creation by familiarising yourself with the 5 Ws and 1 H of content outsourcing.

content outsourcing

1.  WHO: Choose the best-suited content writer.

Be specific about the skills that you’re looking for in a writer because they are not all alike. They have different writing styles and preferences that can only be applied in a certain field. On the other hand, there are also flexible writers who can perfect a variety of styles and tones. Whichever you might be looking for, evaluating the candidate should be a must.

Review through samples and feedbacks:

Ask the candidates to send a writing portfolio or get a hold of the online blog that they maintain. If possible, you should also look up for previous client feedbacks that can solidify their ability to provide quality content. Ultimately, professional writers would at least have writing samples and bylined contents from previous writing gigs.

Look for specialty writers:

If you wanted to be sure that you’ll get a writer who focuses on your field of work, then look for a specialty writer. Specialty writers are those who practise only on a single field. Some of them include technical writers, medical writers, business writers, and so much more. Hiring a specialty writer for your business would no longer require training. Also, you’ll be more confident about their output because writing about it, is what they do best.

2. WHAT: Identify which content to outsource.

Everything you do for your business requires content. If you have a website, then you should know that it will be of no use without any kind of content. It does the same for online marketing. Somehow, the written words always get involved. Now, when it comes to outsourcing, there are various contents that could be handled by a professional writer:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Guest blogging
  • Website content
  • Scriptwriting

Decide on which kinds of content will you be needing for your business.

3. WHEN: Get your plan ready and set the starting date.

Content outsourcing is more than just finding the best-suited writers for your business. That’s not even half of the actual work. In order to execute the whole process, you might need a managerial staff to overlook your writers and their output. Otherwise, you’ll be the one to handle it all, which means it’ll all pile up on your hands.

Designate a manager for your writers:

If you’re planning to build a team of writers, it is best to place someone who will oversee the quality of work and make sure that the deadlines are met. Most of the time, a marketing manager or an editor often are the best people for this kind of job.

Create a strategic workflow:

Just like the start of any process, there should be a definite content plan to ensure that everything will be right on track. The strategic workflow should include a brief template, writing guidelines, deadlines for drafts, editing, and turnaround times.

4. WHERE: Start looking for content writers in the right place.

Once you confirmed the whole plan for your content outsourcing, you can now start looking for professional writers. Now, you have different options for that. You can choose to post job ads, ask referrals from your friends and other connections. Another option is to reach out with an outsourcing company in the Philippines who can provide you with perfect staff – for a fraction of the cost.

5. WHY: Define the benefits of outsourcing.

When you’re just getting started in outsourcing, doubt always comes next. But for businesses who have relied on outsourcing for a very long time, it really was a huge relief. They proved that it is a worthwhile investment that will get even better as time passes. So, before jumping off on the opportunity, first, you must know what it is about and how will it help your business.

6. HOW: Partner with a dependable outsourcing company.

If you are already 100% sure about outsourcing your content creation, it is now time to find a reliable outsourcing partner. Selecting the most capable company who has a good track record in offshore digital marketing is like finding a needle in a haystack.

To help you decide, read this list of factors to consider before choosing an outsourcing partner.

Selecting a company to handle your content outsourcing services is not an overnight decision. You have to choose wisely because it will eventually play a significant role in your business’ success.

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