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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Most businesses, either small or big, have largely invested in a variety of marketing strategies. Although budgets might be tight, wisely spending it on a worthwhile venture will help earn the money back or even double it in the long run. One of these is social media marketing.

According to the most recent study, 97% of marketers run to various social media platforms to reach their target audience and to help boost company sales over time. Proving itself to be useful and cost-effective, social media became one of the most utilised outlets in the online world.

The effectiveness of social media marketing is not limited to one. It has assisted countless companies in all fields including the booming industry of offshore staffing in Manila.

Let’s find out how social media marketing can impact your business:

Your target audience is on social media.

Social media has inevitably become a part of everyone’s life. Based on the collaborative research by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the active Australian social media users has grown up to 18 million in 2019. Unlike last year, they now spend an average of 1 hour and 31 minutes using social media in any device.

social media usage

And it isn’t surprising that Facebook remains as the most used social media platform among all other outlets. This proves that the bigger percentage of your market is just lurking around Facebook and thus, you should too.

Before creating a social media marketing campaign, try to consider your business’ goals first. After that, you can think about what kind of message are you going to send to your audience. The goal is to get an audience and keep them engaged with all your social media activity.

Tip: Keep your social media account active with all the right content.

Consumers tend to be more interactive when in social media.

The average age of active social media users ranges from 18-34 years old. This is the age range of those who usually share opinions and are not hesitant to converse online. Make your audience feel involved by asking them questions and engaging in a discussion. You can post witty contents, inspirational quotes, trivia, relevant content, and even fun videos. When you’ve already earned their undivided trust and attention, then that would the best time to promote your company and services. Don’t miss the right timing!

Marketing through social media helps improve brand recognition.

Another social media marketing benefit is it helps enhance your business’ visibility. Eventually, more people will learn about your company and services, this will result in an increase in recognition for your brand. By keeping your social media sites active and content relevant, then you are already establishing a brand voice for your business. If it is remarkable, your audience will always remember you with that specific approach to businesses. In the long run, they will never forget your brand voice and the value you provide which could be the reason why they will refer your business to their friends and relatives.

The offshore staffing industry in the Philippines offers a variety of digital marketing services. All of it plays a huge role in every company’s marketing efforts. But among them, social media marketing is the most famous since it is cost-effective and easier to manage.

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