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Improve the Quality of Your Customer Support Services with These Tips

The life of BPO companies is their call centre agents. Whether they are in customer support, sales,  or any other position, they are the ones who answer phone calls to represent an organisation.

Customer support services are most often outsourced to other countries. Some popular destinations for this type of services are the Philippines, India, Singapore, and most Asian nations.

Now, if you’re seeking to upgrade your customer support team, let this 5 tips help you.

1. Add a human touch

Communication is the most important human interaction. Not only we practise it on our daily living but it is also vital in providing great customer support services.

The standard step is to introduce yourself first and then get the customer’s name as a common courtesy. Next should be thanking them for getting in touch and that you are very much happy to be of great help. When the customer feels comfortable with the person on the other line, better communication will take place.

2. Learn to listen

Effective customer support doesn’t only have to be good at talking. One should also be a good listener to understand the customer’s concerns and provide an excellent solution. Although you’re familiar with the customer’s problem and you’ve already memorized the answer in your head, you still should wait until they finished talking. Not only it is the proper approach for two-way communication, but it also makes the customer feel like they are being heard.

3. Use a positive language

A negative language indicates doubt and is not ideal to use in customer-centric services such as customer support. In a customer’s perspective, it indicates that their query might not be resolved and that it’s a pointless call. To avoid situations like this, help your team practise using positive language only. Who knows? This could also help with the successful resolution of the client’s issue.

4. Provide a clear response

It is highly important to provide customers with clear and straightforward answers. Vague answers will only cause confusion and might be misinterpreted. Also, avoid using technical terms and jargons that could cause further misunderstanding.

Before the conversation ends, take time to ensure that you have been clearly understood and if there are other queries that you can help with.

5. Give your customers a way to provide feedback

The most important feedback that you should get is from your customers. So it would be best if you can provide an easier platform for them to leave their opinions and suggestions. Whether it is something good, bad, or neutral, this will help you improve your service even more. On top of that, their needs and expectations evolve with time so you should cope up. Always remember that a customer’s voice is priceless for your business.

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