How Pizza Magically Enhances Productivity

Everybody deserves a good pizza – especially when it’s free! Now, even researchers acknowledge the power it holds and strongly proves how it enhances every employee’s productivity.

What’s with pizza?

Dan Ariely, a psychologist who recently published a TED book entitled Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations mentioned that the secret to boosted performance comes with cheese, tomato paste, and crispy dough. Yup! That’s right, it’s a pizza!

We’re not talking about the taste of the pizza though. It is about a more sentimental reason than the food itself.

Ariely conducted a study which weighs the value of a cash incentive, praise from the boss, and food (specifically, pizza) to motivate employees into a more productive day at work.

The results came in a shocking manner.

One group was promised $40 cash bonus if they exceeded their daily quota, the second was offered personal SMS messages of praise from the boss. And the third would be rewarded with free pizza.

Guess whose team has enhanced their productivity after announcing the prizes?

You got it right – the pizza team! On second place was the praise team. Comes last was the cash team.

On this particular study, Ariely emphasizes that money is not the only motivator that every employee wants. Though the pay is very much important, it is not the only affecting factor. The feeling of appreciation and a sense of accomplishment is much more appreciated by most employees.

Cash incentives are distracting – is it really?

A Gallup survey into employee engagement interviewed 1.4 million people at every pay level, across every industry, in no less than 34 countries. And they concluded that job satisfaction has little to do with money.

Tim Judge of the University of Florida also mentioned that the more people focus on their salary, the less attention they give to the things that actually make them perform better.

For most people, cash is just considered as income. While “supersized” incentives are considered a distraction on the more important things than money.

According to studies, the best way to motivate employees and increase their productivity is to pay them a fair wage and make them feel valued by the company. The feeling of being appreciated and needed for the skills that one possess is like an ego-booster that enhances the confidence level. Thus, improving the employee’s productivity in the long run.

Giving food as a means of gratitude is another thoughtful way of saying, “you’ve worked hard and I appreciate that.”

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