Career Boosting Resolutions for Professional Growth in 2020

Traditionally, people around the world write their resolutions before the start of a new year. Because it is believed that the start of the New Year breeds a good opportunity for you to set new plans. On the other hand, many people still find it intimidating to write resolutions for the fear of not being able to fulfil it. But, do not also forget that resolutions are meant to be a guide rather than a burden.

So this coming 2020, it is better to renew your fighting spirit and take advantage of the brand new opportunities ahead. Now, let this list of career-boosting resolutions help you make the year ahead to be your best one.

Remove your bad habits.

Surely, we all have our fair share of bad work habits that we wanted to get rid of. It could be overworking, skipping lunch breaks, stressing yourself out, or other things that make you feel bad. It’ll be hard, but try to slowly remove these bad habits that slow you down and hinders your professional growth.

Develop your own stress-busting techniques.

In one instance or more, you surely have experienced stress at work. We all know that stress could take a toll on your mental health especially when it happens constantly. Stress can seriously affect your productivity, and most importantly the quality of your works. So, you need to have coping mechanisms that will help ease the stress. If counting to 10 doesn’t work well for you, then you should find simple ways to help de-stress your workday.

Cultivate your sense of self-awareness.

Acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals is a tremendous professional asset. Knowing what you can, what you can’t, and what to improve will give you extra encouragement to work harder. So this holidays, make sure to spend valuable time with yourself. More than honing your self-awareness, it will also help strengthen your self-confidence and mental health.

Take the plunge, take the risk.

If this year has been holding you back from doing something that would help with your self-improvement, then try again in 2020. Do not be afraid to take a risk, most importantly if it will personally be good for you.

Just like how the saying goes, “if your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough”, let fear be the basis of how big your goal is. Say for example, if you’re nervous about public speaking, continuously do it until you get used to it. Let 2020 be the year of making peace with yourself.

Develop a new skill.

There is so much to learn about in a tech-driven business world that constantly evolves. Sticking only to your primary field of expertise is no longer enough while other people around you develop a new skill or two. Eventually, you’ll get left behind. So use these holidays as a good opportunity to learn a new skill. It could be researching, video editing, writing, or anything that would highly be beneficial to your career.

Remember that learning will never get out of style.

Make valuable connections.

In the age of social media, connections should be beyond what these apps can offer. Learn how to expand your horizons and meet new people in the same field as yours. But, be careful in choosing the people to connect with. It is better to talk to a very few intelligent people rather than just a huge number of them.

Make valuable connections that will stimulate genuine interest in you or one that you will take in life and career.

Honour your resolutions.

Listing your resolutions is already one huge step ahead of the improvements that you want to accomplish. But, pushing them forward and actually honouring them could be another big leap for you, your career advancement, and self-growth.

And while the next year brings so much hope for fresh beginnings and continued success, we here at Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions will unceasingly uphold the goal of providing quality and cost-effective offshore staffing services to Australian SMEs and more.

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