The Link Between Happy Employees and Happy Customers

The secret’s been revealed about thriving businesses, and that mostly revolves with efforts in keeping the clients happy. But, did you know that happy employees play a crucial role in maintaining a customer’s happiness too?

For businesses, the most important people are no other than their customers. Without them, there is no source of revenue and the business will most likely fail. But, do you also honour the argument for other companies that employees should come first?

Business 101: Customer is King

On a case to case basis, there are businesses who can sustain their processes without hiring employees. Say, for example, websites that run on auto-pilot or have evergreen content where employees are not needed to maintain the page. Thus, giving their sole attention to no one but the customers.

No matter how large or small a business is, customers are still those who drive a company to success. Truth be told, customers have never been more powerful than they are these days. They can now give instant feedback on review sites and social media platforms which is where most people rely on nowadays. Meanwhile, paying attention to what your customers have to say can definitely leave a positive impact on your business. That is also why providing good customer service is critical to any kind of business.

However, getting customers is not the only goal for businesses. Nurturing the relationship with each one of them to make last long, as well as attracting new ones is the best win-win situation. But how do you nurture a business to customer relationship?

Here are a few tips on how to build long-term relationships with your customers:

  • Engage them.
  • Allow them to experience your brand.
  • Understand their relationship with your brand.
  • Explore their social media influence.
  • Provide value.
  • Make them feel special.
  • Respond to every concern.

Why Companies Should Keep their Employees Happy

When you talk about businesses that are fueled by employees, you are pointing at companies who have direct contact with customers. And while it should be a pre-requisite to keep both their customers and employees satisfied, some still doesn’t know its impact on their business.

Employees make a company functioning with their skills and ideas. They are those who keep the business moving. In industries like outsourcing and offshore staffing, employees are as important as clients and they should also be well-taken care of.

Ultimately, an employee’s attitude also reflects on their productivity and quality of work. To make sure that they are still happy with their work, here are the things that you should do:

  • Promote a good work-life balance.
  • Make them a part of the bigger picture.
  • Take time to know your employees personally.
  • Celebrate their wins and achievements.
  • Provide benefits and rewards.
  • Appreciate their extra efforts.
  • Trust your employees.
  • Set clear goals.
  • Recognise their progress.

In this competitive market where finding good and highly-skilled employees are hard, learn to appreciate your high-performing talents. Recent research on HR outsourcing and employee engagement has produced pieces of evidence that link the satisfaction of employees to their productivity. It highlighted the huge difference that happy employees bring in any organisation and on themselves.

Happy employees = happy customers

Naturally, when employees are happy and satisfied, they become eager to do more. Going the extra mile is second nature as they strive hard to achieve the company’s shared goals. They are able to produce greater and more innovative ideas that can satisfy the customers. In the end, it will create a ripple effect.  So when the company owners take care of their employee’s welfare, in return, they will take care of the business.

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