The Truth About Millennials in the Workplace

In contrary to the negative notions surrounding millennials for a very long time, most employers look forward to hiring such young blood, as they are more creative and highly-innovative.

Let us first know where millennials started before learning about how they are at work.


According to decade-old research from Pew Research Center, millennials are born from 1981 up to 1996. Most of them today are of legal age to work.

millennialsThey are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Thus, making them a vital part of today’s economic status.

In the next years to come, more and more millennials are predicted to redefine the working platform.


Groundless rumours and sensationalised news started the negative impression about millennials at work. They are often called narcissistic and entitled individuals because they don’t fit the standards of the older generation. Often misunderstood, it has changed the way people look at this generation.

So, to debunk some of these beliefs here’s what specialists have to say:

  • “They are a generation that has grown up teaching themselves stuff, so when they’re stuck in quite a rigid environment in a corporation that’s been doing it for 50 years, it jars with you because you know there are shortcuts and you know you could do it a different way.” – Emma Gannon, Author (The Multi-Hypen Method)
  • “Which is why they’re labelled entitled because they get really frustrated in a meeting for a long time and you think, ‘I wonder if we could do it a different way.'” – Emma Gannon, Author (The Multi-Hypen Method)
  • “Their sense of integrity can be misconstrued as a sense of entitlement because without a doubt, they have different expectations of their employers.” – Claire Jones, Associate Director (PR firm Weber Shandwick)
  • “They were taught to think for themselves, find their own facts and stand on their own two feet. Because of this, it’s easy to understand why this generation can seem entitled to older generations. But they’re not – they’re just different.” – Susy Roberts, Founder (People Development Consultancy)

Millennials were always perceived negatively because they are born in an entirely different generation. They defy the social norms and act on their own accord – but in ways, that enhances their skills and knowledge.


In comparison to the older generations at work, millennials seem to be entirely different.

Here are some of the typical characteristics that make them unique:

  1. They are highly imaginative and creative.
    One of their best traits is creativity. They think out of the box. Thus, the possibilities for them are endless. They are absolutely part of the trend as they are more exposed on the internet.
  2. They are tech-savvy.
    Compared to older generations which are less informed about the latest digital advancements, millennials are tech-savvy. They mostly understand the technical terms and even practice the lingos.
  3. They are motivated.
    Known as the most independent generation, they possess an advanced amount of motivation to succeed. They crave learning, advancement and achievement. Thus, making them a future team player.
  4. They are tenacious.
    Although often mistaken as being impatient, this generation is extremely tenacious as they grew up with information right at their fingertips.
  5. They are flexible.
    With easier means of learning, the product of this generation is flexible individuals who’re comfortable with multi-tasking.

There are other numerous traits that make this generation entirely different from the older ones. Now, maybe it’s time to stop comparing and sifting through generations. That way, employees could focus more on performing better for the team and themselves.

In addition, millennials in a different light are a good addition to every team. They came with a youthful passion and focus that could even beat deadlines.

We highly value a top-notch talent here at DBOS. Moreover, we give them the freedom to come up with ideas that would help the company and their team in the long run.

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