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3 Common Outsourcing Myths Disproved

Various controversies are revolving around the outsourcing industry. As a business owner, you should be aware of these popular outsourcing myths before getting your business involved.

This article will help shed some light regarding these issues.

The truth about these outsourcing myths?

Various write-ups and articles were written to address the most known myths that have been circulating for a few years. However, there are still doubts and confusions that stop other businesses to fully trust in the power of outsourcing.

It was decades ago when the outsourcing industry was first introduced in the business world. And just like any other strategy, it did not gain its sheer popularity overnight. As recorded, it took a lot of trial and errors, as well as thousands of risks to reach where it is today.

For those individuals and businesses who believed that outsourcing would one day change the world, they’ve been right all along. It has shaped numerous economies, strengthens some struggling businesses, and even helped expand the infamous small and medium companies.

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Myth #1. Outsourcing means offshoring

In a few instances, outsourcing and offshoring could be used interchangeably. However, they are not the same!

Outsourcing as defined by Investopedia is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services or create goods. Thus, it means delegating your non-core functions to another company but could be in the same area or country. On the other hand, offshoring means moving various operations of a company to another country. These foreign companies usually choose to outsource in developing countries as their cost of living is so much cheaper than in their own countries.

Myth #2. Outsourcing delivers poor quality output

Another worry that comes with outsourcing is the fear of not being able to fully take charge of the whole process, and thus posing a threat to quality. The catch is, outsourcing can also give you a chance to increase the quality of your service. As outsourcing companies are good at eyeing talents, they also get to choose the most plausible candidates from a huge pool of applicants. They will pick the best applicants that are most suitable for the position and its description, then it’ll be your choice to employ the candidate if you’re satisfied with their credentials. Always remember that the final decision before the hiring process will always be yours.

Now, all you have to do is find a reliable outsourcing partner that will meet your expectations. But before that, you should explore all other third-party providers with excellent feedback and background to help handle your outsourced services.

Myth #3. Outsourcing will soon fade out

In contrary to the knowledge that outsourcing will quickly fade out, the industry still shows no sign of slowing down. The latest studies proved that outsourcing could not be easily tamed and it will continue to grow over time.

Both big and small companies still rely on outsourcing to handle their non-core services. Even numerous successful companies opt to delegate some of their services with other providers to save money and time.

In other words, outsourcing is not just a simple strategy to lessen company costs. Those businesses who rely on outsourcing to deliver more quality outputs have long proven how outsourcing became of huge help in expanding their companies.

Outsourcing has been used in all fields of businesses for decades. It aided small companies in developing their businesses and strengthening reputations in the field. Big opportunities were also given to unemployed individuals, as well as brought struggling economies to a stagnant state. It has helped people and nations to rebuild their crumbling personas, and so the possibility of it fading is just a mere guess.

The only time you can fully set aside those outsourcing myths is when you’ve completely changed your perspective about offshoring and outsourcing. Only if you would look on the other side of the coin will you realise that choosing offshore back office services than personally doing menial tasks would be absolutely beneficial for your business.

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