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Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing That Need Debunking

It’s 2018, the outsourcing industry is booming, and yet there are still persistent misconceptions that make a lot of business owners hesitant to try it out. Though it’s true that offshoring comes with a few risks, finding the right BPO (business process outsourcing) company to partner with makes it worth your investment. We’ve compiled the most popular myths about outsourcing and dishing out the truth behind it.

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4 Quick Tips on How to Improve Your English Proficiency

With English being the universal language, mastery of it gives you several advantages both in your career and in your everyday life. Jobs that require public speaking or communications, especially when working in outsourcing companies as a call centre agent, English Proficiency is an indispensable skill. The most common misconception is that speaking fluently or writing flawlessly in English is only reserved for people with higher intelligence: this is actually far from the truth. English Proficiency, just like any other skill can be learned by anyone willing to put in enough work to develop it. In this article, we compiled a few simple steps you can incorporate into your daily routine to help build your vocabulary and eventually enhance your language skills.

5 Effective Ways to Cut Down on Operational Costs

Small to medium entrepreneurs often choose to cut down on operational expenses. Rather than spending large chunks of a limited budget on operation alone, they opt for using the money on others costs related to expanding the business itself. It may seem like a wise move, but to fully emit operational costs is a fantasy, and the best anyone can do is reduction through money and time-saving methods.

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What Your Competitors Can Teach You About Outsourcing

An old adage tells us that experience is the best teacher, but that’s only half true–I think other people’s experiences can be better teachers, especially in outsourcing. Instead of treating “rival” companies as arch enemies, you must take what your competitors can teach you as a learning opportunity. Take for example when it comes to digital marketing, instead of burning through your savings by trying out different marketing styles with trial and error, eliminate options that your competitors have already tested and failed in. Now, don’t take it as me saying “just copy everyone else’s homework!” There is a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, and that’s what this article is going to be about. 


11 Reasons Why More and More Companies Outsource


Outsourcing, or offshore staffing, is hiring people from other locations to reduce total wage costs with the same expected results for specific services. Today, it is an essential business plan, as small to large businesses benefit from outsourcing.

It has been a common practice since the 80s, and countries like China, Philippines, and India has been the top countries where companies outsource their staff.