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How Great Design Can Affect Your Business

Enticing visuals capture attention, but there’s a difference between creating a smart design and being tacky or overdoing it–and most companies struggle drawing the line between these traits. Visual appeal is often brushed aside in the corporate setting, especially when planning a budget. While not all, entrepreneurs cut costs on spending for aesthetics and assume it’s not a priority. This usually results in businesses relying on freelancers to do the designing, thinking that a project-based designer will cost cheaper. The reality is, when it comes to art, quality means everything. Here are a few reasons why investing in a regular designer is worth every cent:

Effective web design establishes your brand’s credibility

Have you ever researched a prospective business partner and found their website off-putting? Company websites are seen as a business’ shopfront, and must always aim to create a positive first impression. If you want to attract potential customers and partners, a polished website can establish your credibility and create a favourable user experience to your site visitors. In-house web and graphic designers can sometimes charge highly for their creative services, but rest assured that hiring professionals are worth every cent. It’s also important that you hire the right people for the job, as web and graphic designers both do different tasks but are often confused as interchangeable when they are not.

Colour Psychology and Colour Theory is real and artists know how to use it

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Though it’s not yet an exact science, the proper use of colours can impact a viewer’s mood and behaviour. Colours carry an emotional and cultural significance that can be incorporated in the multimedia design and make it more efficient or in line with the aesthetic goals. Especially when setting up your brand, a specific colour scheme can be used to reach your target audience better. For example, you own a hat shop for men and you want to expand your business by franchising in China, it’s best not to make a logo featuring a man wearing a green hat–this has cultural connotations in that country, and wearing a green hat in China actually means that their wives have committed adultery! Your target audience will perceive your brand as rude or offensive. There are more nuances when it comes to using colour, and expert designers know how to properly utilize colour symbolism in creating logos, websites, and other peripherals.

Half of your message can already be conveyed through design

Whether it be for graphic design, logo design, or a website design, adopting the fundamentals of art in creating a layout can be used to communicate with your target audience. Considering the following examples below:

design example

The differences in colour use, contrast, shapes, and typefaces can be used to convey a variety of messages. Trained professionals are equipped with the knowledge on how to “speak” design: visual art is like language, in a way that it can invoke a specific impression and harmonize it with the intended message. This is most important in logo design, as logos consist of a huge chunk of branding–it is considered as your business’ “face”.

Scrimping on your budget for design can subject your marketing materials to unforeseen circumstances, causing it to fail. I’m not saying that freelancers aren’t capable of creating great output, but rather, underpaying outsourced designers and freelancers can get you a substandard design that is likely to fail in conveying your brand’s message.

If you’re looking to hire highly-skilled artists & designers but still wanting to save, your best bet is to hire an offshore designer. You’ll get the same quality of output as an in-house artist but for lower wages and costs. Check out our services to see which options are the best fit for your business!