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Crucial Skills to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Specialist

There is an ever-increasing demand for SEO services and specialists as more and more businesses shift towards digital marketing to establish their brands online. Search Engine Optimization plays a big role in directing traffic and boosting the visibility of your website and its peripherals. Finding the right SEO agency or team for your business can get tough, as there’s no easy way to initially gauge their expertise until you have them on board and start working for you. Luckily for you, we have gathered a few traits that could help guide you when deliberating applicants for the right position your business needs.


Observe their writing and speaking ability

This is probably the easiest one to screen, as a brief writing assessment and interview will do. Though not to generalize, a lot of writers tend to get tongue-tied in expressing themselves when speaking, and other people are the other way around. It’s best to get an SEO expert who is both well-written and well-spoken, as it will ease the communication of ideas between you and your staff. Displaying strong writing and speaking abilities can also give you an idea of what kind of quality of output you can expect from them.

Simulate situations that require problem-solving and critical thinking

Every business has varying website optimization needs, which is why you’ll need a flexible staff or SEO agency to help you overcome any difficulty when planning a digital marketing strategy. People who are great problem solvers and show strong critical thinking skills can do a lot of good for your business. To help discern these traits, you can ask hypothetical questions during your interview, such as what was suggested in this article. Simple to complex situational questions can be integrated into your assessment. Though there are no right or wrong answers for these, it will give you a good idea behind how your prospects process information and how they will handle a given situation.


Opt for people with the desire to learn

It’s normal for applicants to oversell themselves during an interview. However, there are genuine qualities that can shine through people’s facades. Look for people with a thirst for continuous learning and the desire to keep improving themselves. These types of people often have a lot of drive in doing their best and looking for more efficient ways to approach issues or problems. Lifelong learners will take every opportunity they can to help themselves perform better in their jobs, and with SEO practices constantly evolving throughout the years, they are most likely to be the best in adapting to ever-changing SEO practices.

Take note of expertise in relevant skill sets

SEO specialists need to have an understanding of basic coding, metadata, search engine marketing and even a little bit of web design. Aside from the content itself, search engines often rely on the technical aspects such as the coding and metadata in order to find any type of content attached to specific keywords. Therefore, the nature of an SEO expert’s job requires even the slightest of knowledge or familiarity in other fields besides writing.


Online marketing is predicted to grow exponentially for the coming years, and having a team of SEO professionals will give your brand the proper advantage it needs to stand up from the digital crowd. We hope these pointers will help you find the right staff or SEO agency to boost your brand’s image.

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