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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

When starting a business, it’s understandable that you put in a lot of work to get your company off the ground. We all know being an entrepreneur is very challenging, and there will be times when you are better off getting help. Hiring a personal assistant eases the management of your tasks, as you can have someone else do half the work you are doing and allow you to focus on your priorities. But sometimes, business owners stray away from the idea of hiring additional personnel because an in-house personal assistant can cost you a lot of wages. Fortunately for us, a new trend is beginning to gain popularity among professionals: getting remote assistance through an offshore virtual assistant.

What is Virtual Assistance?
BPO companies now offer virtual assistants under their back office services. A virtual personal assistant is someone who can help you with administrative tasks such as responding to emails, scheduling meetings or booking travel tickets, accommodation and more. Any business-related task that could be done online can be delegated to your virtual assistant, and hiring one comes with several benefits that could help you save both money and time.

Virtual Assistants are a great investment
Unlike in-house personal assistants, VAs are twice or even three times as cheap which means you can hire more people with different specialisations to handle different tasks. Since you no longer have to allocate extra resources for office space and equipment, you can use the money you save on growing your business. In addition, labour rates are usually charged per hour of service rendered, and are commonly available on flexible schedules. This, in turn, can save you more money in the long run, as you don’t have to pay for your VA’s downtime. Most small businesses don’t have enough tasks to keep a full-time assistant busy, which makes hiring a virtual assistant ideal.
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Increase your productivity while avoiding burnout
Being a business owner can sometimes require you to be a one-man team, leaving you with too many responsibilities and stretching you out too thin. Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to ensure you don’t get burned out from the daily grind–you can just focus on your expertise and core priorities while your VA can handle the rest. Since technical tasks like accounting, data processing, or market research can be done on a computer, you can easily outsource these responsibilities remotely to your offshore assistant. There are BPO companies that train VAs for different fields, but you can also opt to train your assistant according to your business process and standards.

Having a virtual assistant lessens the hassle
BPO companies make the process of hiring a virtual assistant faster and better. As compared to hiring in-house which can cost you a lot of energy and resources that could negatively impact your business. With outsourcing, you can opt for a BPO company with an interactive hiring process so you can monitor and screen the quality of candidates that your outsourcing partner will provide you.

Virtual Assistants can not only improve your productivity, having one also raises your quality of life. By allowing you to save money and time, you can then spend it doing more productive tasks or take a break to recharge and refresh your mind so you are better prepared for the challenges that running a small business entails.

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Key Tips For Managing Your Offshore Team

Already got a team abroad working on your operations? If this is your first time hiring an offshore staff, it can be a bit difficult to handle a whole team. You’ll eventually get used to it, but instead of finding your way in the dark, shares some vital tips on how to cater to your outsourced team.

One of the crucial things to consider when hiring an offshore staff is ensuring smooth communication. This includes choosing offshore employees with strong English skills and assigning a team leader that will help ease communication between you and the rest of your remote staff. Another way would be to visit your team abroad at least once a year, this is to strengthen your connection with your staff members and engage with them on a more personal level.

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IT Services: Why You Need To Outsource Today

Information Technology is an indispensable department in any company. IT teams are in charge of the creation, development and maintenance of systems regularly used by businesses around the world. Aside from these, tech support also varies in key responsibilities: Network Admins make sure that you have stable network functions, Developers are often in charge of the coding and programming aspects, while Designers create a comprehensive interface for programs to be used by your other employees or the website you present to your target audience.

Outsourcing IT eliminates other expenses

When hiring an in-house employee, you also have to consider other costs to accommodate your staff. Benefits packages, healthcare, and other cost factors such as a budget for training, sick days or leaves, and paid vacation need to be taken into account. Offshoring takes this off your hands, as the BPO company you’re in partnership with will be handling this for you. Usually, aside from the labour costs, you just have to pay a fixed seat fee or set-up fees to provide your offshore staff with the right equipment they need to perform their job well.

Outsourcing also allows you to access the latest technology that your offshore IT team needs, as paying regular seat fees and set-up fees will end up cheaper in the long run instead of buying new devices and other equipment.

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Outsourcing makes hiring a full team affordable

As stated before, IT isn’t just one big job. You’ll need several people to perform specific functions in order to be more efficient. Since offshoring lets you save a lot of money on wages and equipment, you can then afford to hire more people and assemble a whole crew. You can even add multimedia artists and a dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) officer to work for you. Each of these roles is equally essential in making your IT team competent and more productive.

A full team of IT experts is also a great advantage when it comes to round-the-clock system maintenance, something you can achieve better when you outsource. You can opt to split your offshore team into two shifts and have the night shifts covered easily due to time zone differences.

Outsourcing improves disaster and risk management

Every department isn’t free from flaws, and sometimes networks or computer systems might fail. Having a team of professionals available 24/7 means there will always be someone on duty to assist you with any system problems you might encounter. Since your offshore team is composed of IT experts with more experience and technical skills, they are better equipped and trained in responding to network issues and system errors. The time it takes to fix a problem can be cut down significantly and improve your overall risk management.


Outsourcing your IT needs makes it easy to keep up with the world’s ever-changing demands. You don’t need expensive solutions to your business’ problems: just an efficient one. Hiring an offshore staff to handle IT tasks has many more advantages aside from the ones we listed here. Want to give it a try? Check out our services to see which staffing solutions can help you further develop your company.

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Start-ups Helping Smaller Businesses Through Outsourcing

Small business owners wear many hats: taking on numerous roles in order to get their businesses off the ground. Outsourcing has helped enterprises of any scale manage their companies more efficiently, and a new trend is starting to arise in the online business community.

Sites and apps like TaskRabbit and Fiverr are steadily gaining popularity as it helps connect not just ordinary people, but businesses as well, to freelancers offering niche or specific services. By outsourcing tasks through a wide international platform, smaller businesses are able to get the job done without spending too much on labour. This system also favours freelancers who can now make a living out of their niche specializations.

To learn more about which online platforms can help you with outsourcing small tasks, you can view the full article here.

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Why You Need to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Hiring in-house professionals can be very expensive for startups or small to medium enterprises, especially in the digital marketing department: where you have to really make sure you get the right professionals who will then be responsible for creating and establishing your brand’s online presence. Given the nature of the responsibilities of working as an online marketing specialist, you can easily outsource this department and earn several benefits that could help push your business further while helping you save money.

Lower labour fees mean lower costs

One of the highlights of working with outsourcing companies is that you are always guaranteed lower wages. Outsourcing your digital marketing will save you money that can go to the other core processes of your business or used to re-invest in expanding your company. For example, in Australia an onshore digital marketing manager can cost you around $ 4,000-10,000 per month on average, not to mention the added expenses of paying employee benefits such as healthcare. Offshoring online marketing services will help you cut labour costs of up to 60% or even more.

You can easily hire a whole team of digital marketing experts

Since wages are lower, you can then afford to hire more people and build your custom offshore team. Instead of just spending your budget on one in-house digital marketing manager, you can opt for getting a whole team of professionals specialising on different aspects of online marketing: SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and the like. Outsourcing broadens your list of possible options, and you are free to hire the specific services you need.

Improves risk management

Hiring an offshore staff also comes with the security that you are getting experts to work on the business process you require. Since you will be hiring professionals to do your digital marketing, your staff can get the job done quickly and are less likely to make mistakes. This greatly reduces the possible risks you might face in the marketing industry. It also eliminates time spent in training your team regarding the latest online marketing or SEO practices.

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Reduces tunnel vision on your business processes

The way we perceive the world determines the kind of decisions we make. No one knows your business more than you do, but it’s possible that sometimes you can get a little tunnel-visioned on making important choices that affect the status of your company. Hiring an offshore staff can help you prevent this from happening. Being of another country and culture, your outsourced team can help you get an outsider’s perspective on the decisions you need to make regarding your business. This is crucial in marketing, as your offshore team can help you gauge preferences of your target audience that might differ from your own taste. Offshoring increases diversity and you are likely to get a reliable opinion from your outsourced team of marketing experts.

These are only a few of the many advantages you can expect when you opt for outsourcing your online marketing department. Technology is progressing at an alarming rate, and the best way to keep up is to hire people who can adapt to these changes to help your brand make a great expression online.

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Telltale Signs That You Might Need to Outsource

Building a sustainable startup business from the ground up is no easy task. Even after you overcome all preliminary hurdles, your company is sure to face harder challenges along the way. At that point, the difference between success and failure lies in your ability to adapt. Outsourcing is lauded to be a great option in surviving these challenges, especially for a small business looking to grow or expand. In this article, we will enumerate some of the signs that you might need to outsource in order to help your business thrive.

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3 Important Things Startups Should Know Before They Outsource

As an entrepreneur, you already got through the preliminary process of setting up a sustainable business, but now comes the hard part: maintaining your stride and growing it. We’re sure your curiosity about business process outsourcing has led you all the way to this article, so we’re going to list down a few crucial aspects to consider before you jump on board the offshoring train.

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How Outsourcing Has Changed The Global Economy

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has changed ever since it was first introduced around the late 80’s. In the following decade after companies have discovered its benefits, more and more enterprises shifted focus towards cost-effective measures and outsourced necessary business processes. Up until today, the BPO Industry continues to grow and increase in demand, serving as a catalyst for dramatic changes in the global economy.

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Incoming 70,000 BPO jobs in the PH for 2018

Good news for Filipinos: The Business Process Outsourcing industry expects an influx of over $1 Billion in revenues, and generating over 70,000 new jobs. According to the Contact Center Association of the Philippines, the BPO industry will grow by 7 to 9 per cent this year. Aside from Information Technology courses, businesses are looking to hire more Statistics and Mathematics majors for data analytics.

Although BPO companies worry about the possibility of AI replacing jobs in the industry, the Philippine government is confident that workers will be able to adapt to the changing technological climate. The government is also revisiting tax perks under the second tranche of reforms currently being pushed in Congress. This helps entice businesses of any scale to choose the Philippines as an outsourcing hub.

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