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Critical Outsourcing Trends For Businesses in 2019

Outsourcing and offshore companies, despite being considered as a huge risk-laced investment was proven tough. Withstanding decades since its founding date, outsourcing trends today and have undoubtedly become the norm. It reshapes the global industry and has been growing efficiently, without any trace of stopping soon.

This year, a few market analysts predicted that it would be a bumpy phase for the outsourcing industry, however, it did not show any sign of slowing down. Since the market is growing, business outsourcing companies should fasten their pace and keep up.

Here are the five areas in outsourcing that we expect to evolve throughout 2019.


Dubbed as the future of outsourcing trends, robotics is expected to raise a massive impact this year. Its main role is reported to be for automating basic and repetitive office tasks. These include; generating reports, collecting information from existing documents, extracting and sorting information, and other basic stuff. Various domains like banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, legal service, and more are the recipients of that data processing. But before its implementation, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has to be trained and practised thoroughly for a long time.

Cloud Technology

The evolution of IT  services has brought cloud computing today. Research says that it has already redefined the role of numerous IT functions. These include;  help desks, tech support, data centre operations, and more.

Small-to-medium sized businesses are now hosting data online, as reported from Gartner’s latest survey. And although filled with a few drawbacks and data security issues, it still attracts more attention nowadays. However, some businesses are still apprehensive in completely relying on cloud-based services. This year, we expect cloud technology to be more popular.

Data Security

Protecting the digital data, such as those in a database is an IT responsibility. More so that data theft has been a great issue for businesses who outsource their IT needs. Therefore, cybersecurity has been a genuine issue for the department ever since. Though it does not happen more often than not, prevention is still better than cure.

Internet of things (IoT) refers to describe the network of devices that talk to one another over the internet, thus, making it susceptible to cyber-attacks. A recent study carried out by HP found that 70% of IoT devices had “serious security vulnerabilities”.

Numerous industry experts predicted that 2019 will be a bumpy road for the business outsourcing industry. Various outsourcing trends will continuously progress and bring some significant changes. To keep up, the industry must also take huge steps. Nevertheless, the unbudging outsourcing industry still kept its pace to advancement.

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