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3 Things to do Before Hiring a Software Outsourcing Partner

Software developers can easily be outsourced from all over the world. With the number of global talents available, you can effortlessly find someone qualified. If you’re ready to spend a huge amount of money for software outsourcing, getting an in-house team would be possible. But if you’re a starting company that aims for the most cost-effective strategy, outsourcing could be a viable option.

Successful software outsourcing stories similar to Skype and Slack could happen to your business too. You just have to broaden your options and remember that a wise business knows when to seek help from a third-party provider.

Now, when it comes to offshore software development, choosing among the numerous qualified outsourcing partners is the real deal. Before coming to a final outsourcing decision, try to consider these things:

1. Location

In this age of globalisation, companies all over the world are broadening their spectrum to meet the market demands. So, first and foremost, you should be specific in what country would you want to focus on searching for your future outsourcing partner.

Everything is developing, as well as the countries who can accommodate software developments. According to a market research body, Asia is considered the “tiger” in the outsourcing software development jungle. India is on the topmost list, followed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and China. These countries offer the best infrastructure, equipment, and talent that are most needed for IT outsourcing services such as software development.

2. Price or quality?

In a few selected instances, price and quality go well together. But when talking business, it’s just either of the two.

Price-first vendors will often provide a fixed quote for your project with a specific timeline. This kind of companies focuses more on accomplishing the project at hand rather than looking forward to a long-term partnership.

On the other hand, quality-first vendors are more expensive and they tend to be more selective on the projects that they accept. They are the type of companies who can ensure proper delivery and execution. They are also those who spend efforts and resources training their team to guarantee the perfect output.

Tip: If you’re a start-up company seeking for cost-effective software development, then the price-first vendors is your best choice. But if you’re an established company who can afford to spend a huge amount for your project, then the quality-first vendors is the perfect choice for you.  

3. Ask your candidates about previous experiences

Every one of your candidates has their own strengths and weaknesses. And if you have already decided on the specific skill that you’re looking for in a candidate, asking all the right questions is what’s remaining.

Here are a few questions that you could ask your software outsourcing candidate:

  1. Tell me about your previous experience with similar software development projects.
  2. What are the critical risks of software outsourcing? How would you manage them?
  3. What do you think is your company’s edge above your competitors?
  4. If you get this project, what would be your action plan?


With the availability of skilled software developers all over the world, finding the best one is the crucial part. Selecting from a wide number of talents will be extra time-consuming. That’s why partnering with an offshore staffing company would definitely help you save time. They will be the one to recruit possible candidates based on your qualifications, but the final stage of hiring will still be in your hands.

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