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Things to consider when hiring an offshore developer

IT Outsourcing is among the most popular forms of offshoring services today, mostly because it enables startups to access to the latest technology and a highly-skilled team to render service remotely—all for cheaper wages but high-efficiency rates. However, finding a legitimate outsourcing partner, especially for specific aspects of IT such as software development, can get very tricky as it presents a lot of risks.

Alejandro Vasquez, Vice President of Business Development for PSI, writes down a short list of things to consider should you find yourself looking for an outsourcing partner. He highlights key points such as carefully choosing the location where you will hire your offshore team from. Though Asia might have been a popular choice, he advises picking a country that is compatible with yours in terms of work culture and ethics, political standing, and rate of inflation. He adds, “there are certain core questions you can ask during an initial phone conversation to make sure a potential partner is a good fit for your company and project.”


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