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5 Advantages of Offshore Staffing Providers with Multiple Offices

One to two offshore providers are being introduced to the public almost every single day. Hence, the growing competition in the offshoring industry. But despite all those, the market remains advantageous for companies with years of experience in the field rather than the newly established ones.

Generally, all businesses aim for growth and expansion. Achieving this two is a clear indication of ongoing success for any kind of business. Having multiple offices is an advantage that some does not fully utilise. It represents a significant outlay in finances, manpower, and a general commitment to driving towards a higher level of achievement.

Location is no small question for a company. When the time comes that they are finally ready to grow and evolve, they should not have to limit where their business operates. And today, it’s easier than ever to run a company without being centralised in a single place.

Know the reasons why and learn about the 5 advantages of offshore providers with multiple offices on our infographic below.

offshore providers

Increase sales opportunity

Offshoring companies with multiple offices can now accommodate more clients, thus the evident increase in sales. And because of reduced labour costs that offshoring allows, most clients have been expanding their services and offerings. Both opportunities to increase their sales is felt by the offshoring provider and the client.

Access to a bigger pool of talents

Employees are referred to as “talent” for a reason: When you’re hiring, you’re not looking for just anyone to fill a position. You’re looking for the right person to join the team. So for companies with multiple offices, it’ll be easier to pick from a huge number of choices. Also, a company with multiple offices appeal more to job seekers. Thus, tapping a bigger pool of talents from different locations.

Space for building a full offshore team

Most offshoring companies with multiple offices has more than enough space to accommodate a full offshore team. Especially, if a potential client is aiming to expand its operations on a different country like in the Philippines. And not just like any other space, but a modern and secured office that can handle the employees’ needs.

Data security assurance

More equipped and capable of keeping data safe, offshoring providers with multiple offices are experienced in this aspect. Their reputation and pride over the years came from the confidence of being able to protect their client’s data.

Address reputation

An address might seem like just an address. But that’s not the case for people outside of your company, especially for potential clients. So having an office in good locations can be one of your company’s greatest asset. Say for example, in the Philippines, there are five major business centres in the Metro. However, big factors like traffic and transportation problems made some of these business districts inaccessible to most. In the country, most BPO companies are aiming to build offices in Eastwood and Araneta Center as they are both convenient locations for commuting. Both are also near the borderline of all exit and entry points in the Metro which makes it the most strategic locations for growing businesses compared to Makati and Ortigas.


Offshoring providers with multiple offices that are both accessible for prospect clients and employees is a good find. In the Philippines, there are numerous offshoring companies that can cater to all sorts of services. However, only a few are successful enough to be able to expand and have multiple offices.

DBOS, an Australian-owned offshore staffing company based in the Philippines is one of the two. After establishing the head office in Araneta Center, Cubao 4 years ago, the company is now ready to expand the business and open another door in Eastwood City. Anticipate the opening of their new office and help reduce your wages by up to 70% if you partner with us! Enquire now and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!