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5 Advantages of Offshore Staffing Providers with Multiple Offices

One to two offshore providers are being introduced to the public almost every single day. Hence, the growing competition in the offshoring industry. But despite all those, the market remains advantageous for companies with years of experience in the field rather than the newly established ones.

Generally, all businesses aim for growth and expansion. Achieving this two is a clear indication of ongoing success for any kind of business. Having multiple offices is an advantage that some does not fully utilise. It represents a significant outlay in finances, manpower, and a general commitment to driving towards a higher level of achievement.

Location is no small question for a company. When the time comes that they are finally ready to grow and evolve, they should not have to limit where their business operates. And today, it’s easier than ever to run a company without being centralised in a single place.

Know the reasons why and learn about the 5 advantages of offshore providers with multiple offices on our infographic below.

offshore providers

Increase sales opportunity

Offshoring companies with multiple offices can now accommodate more clients, thus the evident increase in sales. And because of reduced labour costs that offshoring allows, most clients have been expanding their services and offerings. Both opportunities to increase their sales is felt by the offshoring provider and the client.

Access to a bigger pool of talents

Employees are referred to as “talent” for a reason: When you’re hiring, you’re not looking for just anyone to fill a position. You’re looking for the right person to join the team. So for companies with multiple offices, it’ll be easier to pick from a huge number of choices. Also, a company with multiple offices appeal more to job seekers. Thus, tapping a bigger pool of talents from different locations.

Space for building a full offshore team

Most offshoring companies with multiple offices has more than enough space to accommodate a full offshore team. Especially, if a potential client is aiming to expand its operations on a different country like in the Philippines. And not just like any other space, but a modern and secured office that can handle the employees’ needs.

Data security assurance

More equipped and capable of keeping data safe, offshoring providers with multiple offices are experienced in this aspect. Their reputation and pride over the years came from the confidence of being able to protect their client’s data.

Address reputation

An address might seem like just an address. But that’s not the case for people outside of your company, especially for potential clients. So having an office in good locations can be one of your company’s greatest asset. Say for example, in the Philippines, there are five major business centres in the Metro. However, big factors like traffic and transportation problems made some of these business districts inaccessible to most. In the country, most BPO companies are aiming to build offices in Eastwood and Araneta Center as they are both convenient locations for commuting. Both are also near the borderline of all exit and entry points in the Metro which makes it the most strategic locations for growing businesses compared to Makati and Ortigas.


Offshoring providers with multiple offices that are both accessible for prospect clients and employees is a good find. In the Philippines, there are numerous offshoring companies that can cater to all sorts of services. However, only a few are successful enough to be able to expand and have multiple offices.

DBOS, an Australian-owned offshore staffing company based in the Philippines is one of the two. After establishing the head office in Araneta Center, Cubao 4 years ago, the company is now ready to expand the business and open another door in Eastwood City. Anticipate the opening of their new office and help reduce your wages by up to 70% if you partner with us! Enquire now and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!

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5 Tips on How to Effectively Manage Your Offshore Team

Offshoring is a well-known business practice that could play a vital role for your business in the long run. One of the reasons is keeping an offshore team cost less than keeping an in-house team. And that’s exactly the main point why most companies outsource specific tasks to overseas vendors.

While it is a wise move, there are other reasons why foreign companies hand over their tasks to offshore staffing companies.

Now, managing an offshore team doesn’t have to be difficult nor stressful. But it requires determination and a flawless strategy to make sure that everything will work out well.

However, there’s this huge question that most new business owners can’t help but ask every time.“How can you assure that things will do well if you’re not always physically present to oversee the production?

To answer that question we created an infographic about 5 effective tips on how to manage your offshore team. Though there are several ways to do it, here are some of the most practised by outsourcing companies today.

offshore team

Know and understand the needs of your staff

To know and understand are two different things. When you know, all you have is specific knowledge about the matter. But when you understand, you tend to feel a certain sympathy with the people involved. So make sure to give time to talk with them about their problems and issues. Make sure that their voice is heard and offer suggestions that could help them.

Appoint reliable team leaders

The team leaders for your offshore staff will be the one to decide things on your stead. So make sure to give the authority to a highly reliable person that can efficiently handle both your processes, as well as manage the well-being of your staff. And while skills and experience are both crucial, attitude is also highly important.

Regular visit to offshore locations

Visiting your offshore location and preparing a get together for your team is another way to maintain the connection with them. Your annual appearance could help strengthen the relationship between you and your staff. It is also a great opportunity to do strategic planning with your team leaders and get to know more about your people.

Develop and maintain a communication system with your staff

The idea of offshoring is not to make your staff feel that you’re too far from them. To be able to maintain that open communication with your employees, Skype is always a good tool to use. You can regularly check on them by using the video conference option to set up meetings with the team. To ensure better communication, you must also ensure that the communication tools used by your in-house and offshore team are the same.

With a huge amount of help from today’s technology, it is now easier to manage an offshore team. Location no longer matters for there are various ways to reach out to your team even if they’re halfway around the world. Everything will be under control as long as they are properly handled by considerate management that will lead them to the company’s continuous growth.

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Why Leaders Need to Embrace Employee Motivation

While all too focused on the income-generating aspects of their company, some employers tend to forget the welfare of their best asset – the employees. At times, some companies sadly fail to understand the importance of employee motivation. Although not everyone does.

But, what is employee motivation and how does it affects a business?

By definition, employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that company workers bring to their jobs. If the employees are motivated, they become passionate about their job and actively works to achieve the organization’s goal. On the other hand, employees who lack motivation do all the opposite of what a passionate employee is doing. And even though the signs are there, some employers still tend to disregard these things, completely not knowing its effects on their business until its too late.

To help prevent the case of unmotivated employees, we created an infographic about a significant study as to why leaders need to promote employee motivation.

employee motivation

The Importance of Employee Motivation

Increased productivity, high-quality output, and meeting the company’s goals can be achieved through an employee’s hard work. With enough motivation and satisfaction, the employees will surely work towards the company’s best interest.

To further understand how crucial is employee motivation for a business, here are some reasons why:

Motivated people are always in action.
A company equipped with skilled employees are lucky, but a business with motivated people are luckier. Encouraged employees are without a doubt, the most willing to walk an extra mile for the company, if necessary. They are most likely to do what needs to be done regardless if they have to spend additional time at work.

Visible improvement on overall performance.
Motivated employees visibly aim to provide the best work performance for the company. In most instances, they display their ability to produce high-quality output and the willingness to go the extra mile to do the job well.

Leads to a stable workforce.
A stable workforce is a crucial key to a company’s success. When employees are motivated, they remain loyal to the company as they feel needed and valued. This will lead to a stable workforce that will also serve as a good image for the company which can also attract more qualified talents.

Enumerated above are just a few reasons why we can say that employee motivation is more than just a feeling.  It is a driving force that encourages people to do the best kind of work for the company that they provide their services to. Moreover, the effect it gives to an individual can never be compared.


Company leaders should realise that motivating their employees are as important as growing their businesses. Why? It’s because the employees are those who will work with them to achieve success. Now, it is not too late for company leaders to start promoting employee motivation in their businesses.

Just like how we do it here in DBOS! The secret of our successful 4 years in the offshore staffing industry in the Philippines lies in the hands of our employees. And it is the exact same reason why we make sure that their needs are always fairly met. Above that, we also promote employee engagement and self-development to the best of our ability.

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The Benefits and Misconceptions About Offshore Labour

Offshoring has had a long history of ebb and flow. Practised in many countries all around the globe, it was and still highly impact economies on a good light. Whether in the assistance of creating more jobs that decrease a country’s unemployment rate or embracing the technologically advanced era, outsourcing has been recorded to do more good than bad. With the continued success of this business strategy, global entrepreneurs in all fields utilise the service.

On the other hand, the growth of the internet has played a huge part in all of this. As it connects people from all around the world despite their timezone differences and language barriers, employing an offshore staff from any part of the world became possible. Not only big enterprises but also small-medium businesses have exercised offshoring.

In Australia, offshoring in the Philippines has been a popular trend for years with more small and medium businesses looking out for experienced talents in that country.

Benefits of Offshore Labour

Generally, offshoring has already proved how effective it is as a business strategy. And for the past years, hundreds of Australian companies have chosen to offshore some of their tasks to a developing nation such as the Philippines. This year, it has re-emerged as a significant offshore player with a market value of $23 billion, according to arnnet.

Although offshore labour has been quite a thorny issue since it created a huge impact on most small businesses alike.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get when you choose to offshore your labour force:

  • Business growth. Offshoring allows you to get access to a huge pool of young and experienced talents from all over the world. These fresh minds will provide you with new perspectives and a different approach to strategies, enabling your business to focus solely on growth.
  • Access to international talent/s. Tapping a huge pool of talents all over the world improves the chances of employing an impressive team that can work best for your desired budget and schedule.
  • Availability. Having a support team from a different timezone enables your business to function 24/7 and be there for your clients whenever they need it. This increases the competitive edge of your business and results in better customer experience.

Other than all these reasons, many Australian companies also consider several factors that contribute to their decision to offshore. These includes:

  • Cheaper labour costs
  • Improved output
  • Lack of industry expertise
  • Availability of highly educated offshore business specialists
  • Freedom to concentrate on core business concerns
  • Excellent work ethics
  • Skilled individuals
  • Staff proficiency in English

Misconceptions About Offshore Labour

If there is a positive side to offshore labour, then probably there is a negative side too. Misconceptions, as we call it. With the right angle and nudge, these misconceptions could change everyone’s perception about basically everything about offshoring.

Let’s learn about some of the most common offshoring misconceptions that need debunking. Here are those:

1. Offshoring reduces jobs locally.

Throughout the years, most people perceive that offshoring means stealing the locals’ jobs. But contrary to that fear, offshoring in other countries is a business strategy that helps sustain the onshore teams. For example, a startup company offshore 2 or 3 of their tasks to a low-cost foreign country where they can save a huge amount. Now, offshoring enables a business to reduce costs with all kinds of expenses as well as gives them time to focus on the core services. By doing so, they’ll gain more time to generate bigger revenue. When the business grows, they’ll be needing more in-house staff, thus opening more jobs for the locals.

A recent study on the labour market effects of offshoring to multinational companies revealed that “a greater offshore activity modestly raises net employment by companies.”

2. Offshoring is cheap labour.

On developing countries like the Philippines, offshoring generally means that the wages are lower than of a first-world country, say for example – Australia. Normally, it is the cost of living in a particular country that determines the amount of pay an offshore worker receives. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t change the fact that countries like the Philippines produce highly-educated university graduates annually. These graduates are tech-savvy, proficient in English and are competitive in their specific fields. Offshore staff from this country can fulfil the skill requirements that your business may lack from the local workforce, at a more cost-effective price.

3. Offshoring provides poor working conditions.

Some BPOs overseas have the reputation of treating their workers like robots. In the earlier years of offshoring, there was once a misconception about building offices on cramped up spaces with employees who barely got up of their seats. However, to be able to stay in the competition, BPOs have to provide a comfortable working space and stable infrastructure. Also, the working environment should be strong and fun to keep the staff satisfied and happy. With the continuous advancements in technology, it is impossible to keep up with your competitors if you can’t provide the same advanced equipment.


Offshore labour has been quite an issue for countries like Australia. This has become so big that it even attracted a lot of media attention. However, the massive job losses that have been reported due to offshoring jobs in developing countries were never quantified due to the lack of evidence that supports the claim.

Nowadays, the influx of Australian businesses that chose to offshore their labour on countries with low cost of living continuously grows in number. These companies, either small or medium embraced the idea of offshoring to help expand their businesses that will, later on, create more local jobs.

So, neither of the circumstances can prove that choosing to offshore your labour is a good nor bad decision.

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Competitive Advantages Realised Through Outsourcing

The competitive world of business is continually developing over a span of time. So, companies who want to improve their position in the global market try to transform their internal operations. Changes such as mastering new technology, adopting a business model or restructuring the whole thing are always on their plate. Doing this enables the business to gain several advantages that will help them move forward.

Outsourcing is one of the business strategies that has been a hot topic among entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Today, countless organisations around the world have been utilising the competitive benefits of outsourcing. These includes:

A partner with expertise in your field.

Engage with a partner who has the experience, skills, and credibility to handle your tasks and services. Check for past client feedbacks and comments that could be a reliable reference when you look for an outsourcing partner.

outsourcing advantages

Reduced financial burdens.

If there’s one thing that outsourcing is most known for, that would be for cost-effectivity. Businesses all around the world are moving towards outsourcing to improve their competitive advantage and save up a huge amount. Countries that are highly popular for outsourcing is the Philippines and India. Their wages are lower than in any other countries but the quality of services is still second to none. So when you outsource with them, your financial burdens will surely be minimised which gives you the opportunity to allocate it to your core services.

Capability to swiftly enter and execute within new markets.

Accomplished outsourcing partners can efficiently help your business enter new markets as they have a long history in the field. These partners have gotten a long way, built powerful connections, and is well-versed in the ins and outs of the business.

Enables businesses to focus on core competencies.

When you choose to outsource, you are enabling your in-house people to free up their time. This will help them shift their focus on the core competencies and think of other strategies to grow the business.


These competitive advantages are only a few of the many direct and indirect benefits that you’ll get when you opt to outsource. The key is to be in good hands – to find a great outsourcing partner.

Now, when you talk about effective outsourcing partners, Philippines is number 1 on the list. Dubbed as the “Ideal Outsourcing Destination in Asia”, the country is home to hundreds of outsourcing companies in different fields.

One of them is DBOS, a fast-growing Australian-owned offshore staffing company that is based in the Philippines. With over 4 years in the industry, DBOS has produced outstanding works for its clients from web development, offshore online marketing, content writing, customer support services, and so much more.

So if you’re looking to reduce your wage costs by up to 70% with guaranteed excellent output, contact DBOS! Check out our services and get a free consultation with our CEO/Founder!