Why Leaders Need to Embrace Employee Motivation

While all too focused on the income-generating aspects of their company, some employers tend to forget the welfare of their best asset – the employees. At times, some companies sadly fail to understand the importance of employee motivation. Although not everyone does.

But, what is employee motivation and how does it affects a business?

By definition, employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that company workers bring to their jobs. If the employees are motivated, they become passionate about their job and actively works to achieve the organization’s goal. On the other hand, employees who lack motivation do all the opposite of what a passionate employee is doing. And even though the signs are there, some employers still tend to disregard these things, completely not knowing its effects on their business until its too late.

To help prevent the case of unmotivated employees, we created an infographic about a significant study as to why leaders need to promote employee motivation.

employee motivation

The Importance of Employee Motivation

Increased productivity, high-quality output, and meeting the company’s goals can be achieved through an employee’s hard work. With enough motivation and satisfaction, the employees will surely work towards the company’s best interest.

To further understand how crucial is employee motivation for a business, here are some reasons why:

Motivated people are always in action.
A company equipped with skilled employees are lucky, but a business with motivated people are luckier. Encouraged employees are without a doubt, the most willing to walk an extra mile for the company, if necessary. They are most likely to do what needs to be done regardless if they have to spend additional time at work.

Visible improvement on overall performance.
Motivated employees visibly aim to provide the best work performance for the company. In most instances, they display their ability to produce high-quality output and the willingness to go the extra mile to do the job well.

Leads to a stable workforce.
A stable workforce is a crucial key to a company’s success. When employees are motivated, they remain loyal to the company as they feel needed and valued. This will lead to a stable workforce that will also serve as a good image for the company which can also attract more qualified talents.

Enumerated above are just a few reasons why we can say that employee motivation is more than just a feeling.  It is a driving force that encourages people to do the best kind of work for the company that they provide their services to. Moreover, the effect it gives to an individual can never be compared.


Company leaders should realise that motivating their employees are as important as growing their businesses. Why? It’s because the employees are those who will work with them to achieve success. Now, it is not too late for company leaders to start promoting employee motivation in their businesses.

Just like how we do it here in DBOS! The secret of our successful 4 years in the offshore staffing industry in the Philippines lies in the hands of our employees. And it is the exact same reason why we make sure that their needs are always fairly met. Above that, we also promote employee engagement and self-development to the best of our ability.

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