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How to Effectively Improve Your Work Attendance

First impressions last. Now, do you want to be remembered as the most delinquent employee? Or do you prefer a deteriorating work attendance rather than a clean track record? Think again and decide.

It is a fact that getting up in the morning to prepare for work is tiresome. Everyone does. However, keeping your job is essentially important. We all know how hard it is to find a job, right? So might as well, change your habits now or lose your job soon.

Like it or not, attendance and tardiness add up to your work attendance. It doesn’t matter if you’re really good at what you do when you’re always late or missing-in-action (MIA).

Just as the saying goes, “skills can be taught but not attitude”.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your work attendance:

work attendance

Healthy Living

One way to improve your punctuality and attendance is to live healthily. Eat right, exercise, take your vitamins, and other habitual routines that will help lessen your stress. Make sure to still practise your favourite hobbies and spend time with your loved ones. Doing so will help you balance your work and personal life. Also, maintain a healthy and positive mind.

Sleeping Habits

Practice at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. But if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try drinking any calming tea or milk, and do not drink coffee before going to bed. Refrain from too much social media browsing and playing mobile games until the wee of night. Also, avoid binge-watching your favourite TV series if you have work for the next day. You have the weekends to do that. Getting enough rest at night is important as it helps you regenerate your liveliness for the next day.


Ready your office attire the night before, so you can save time from rummaging through your closet in the morning. Also, as traffic always gets bad especially during the morning rush hour, make it a point to allow another hour in case you get stuck on the jam. In addition, it is highly advisable to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time starts. And to be able to save more time, you can also prepare breakfast on the go instead of eating at home. Always remember that it is better to prepare earlier than be in a hurry the next day.

Listed above are just a few tips to help you get through the struggles of getting up in the morning and going at work. All of those mentioned are important,  however, the decision to improve your attitude towards work is on you.

In some companies, consecutive absences and tardiness can lead to immediate termination. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t mess up your hard-earned career just because you’re bored or tired. Some people can’t even get a decent job so be appreciative and exert more effort.

Living in this fast-paced world is the only way to survive. So you should carry a positive mindset and a clear mind. And always remember that the most hardworking people are much needed for a successful dynamic business.

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