high-performing team

8 Key Characteristics of a High-Performing Team

A high-performing team is unlike any regular team. It is comprised of highly talented and motivated individuals with common goals. Such team helps their company achieve excellence and growth.

However, each person has a different set of principles and beliefs which could probably taint the team harmony. While it is true, thorough planning and execution of business strategies would help overlook the differences.

According to Dr Tim Baker, there are at least 8 characteristics of high-performing leadership and team development.

Here is the model of a high-performing team:

high-performing team

Sense of Purpose

Individuals with a sense of purpose have clearly defined their mission and goals since the beginning. These people have set their eyes on the priorities and are driven with a strong focus on results and solution.

Open Communication

One of the most important characteristics of a high-performing team is open communication. Members who are not afraid to express their ideas and thoughts, as well as listen to what others have to say, are indeed professionals.

Trust and Mutual Respect

Respect and trust are two words that correlate with each other. In a professional setting, a leader and its followers do exist. As part of a team, both should learn how to trust and respect each other.

Shared Leadership

An effective leader asks for ideas and suggestions from their members. They value their team’s insights and are not autocratic. This kind of leaders understands the key role of their members.

Effective Working Procedures

Aside from being highly skilled, effective team leaders are also resourceful. They don’t stop at “good” but rather aim for the “best”, every chance they get. They encourage creativity and find the most outstanding way to achieve their goal.

Building on Differences

Efficient leaders don’t look at differences as drawbacks of an individual. Instead, they use it as a weapon to create alternatives and other approaches that may be useful in different situations.

Flexibility and Adaptability

A high-performing team consists of adaptable and agile individuals. Variables like a fast-paced working environment don’t scare these kinds of people for they can easily adjust to any given situation.

Continuous Learning

The hunger for discoveries and newly acquired knowledge is the last characteristic of a high-performing team. Their desire to learn everything that they can or what might help improve their craft is an essential matter.

People with characteristics as listed above are such great assets to the company. Not only can they guarantee an increase in sales, but also boosts employee morale.

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