customer service outsourcing

A Deeper Insight Into Customer Service Outsourcing

When people mention about customer service outsourcing, the idea that comes to mind is a huge building packed with employees wearing headphones while simultaneously talking. Most often than not, they are generalized as people working on 12-hour shifts and are all fluent in English. But what if there’s more than just that?

Read on this blog and get a deeper insight into customer service outsourcing.

Outsourcing is not customer service outsourcing

Up until this day, a lot of people still confuse the whole concept of outsourcing to call centre agents. While a part of it, the idea of outsourcing does not exactly end with customer services alone.

On a closer look, outsourcing is anything. It could be delegating your non-core services to foreign countries or partnering with an offshore company to help your business get the best talent for cost-effective prices.

Now as a widely utilised business strategy, outsourcing entirely caters to different back-office services, IT solutions, digital marketing tasks and customer support. To simplify, customer service outsourcing is a popular service that falls under the general business strategy called outsourcing.

Why do foreign companies outsource their customer services?

Businesses from all over the world make use of outsourcing to lessen their labour costs, get access to international talents, improve output, tap the most skilled individuals, and a lot more. Out of all those benefits, most companies choose to outsource their customer services to free up time.

Numerous foreign companies prefer to outsource their customer support services also because countries such as the Philippines has a reputation of having good customer service skills. One proof is the neverending demand for call centre agents in the country. As of today, the outsourcing industry in the Philippines remains to be a huge contributor to the economy.

The on-demand economy

Nowadays, customer service outsourcing is a vital part of any business, regardless of the industry. And, the products or services a company offer is no longer the selling point for customers, rather the overall experience. So businesses today focus more on employing experienced, pro-active, and passionate customer-centric agents with absolute know-how.

Every day, outsourcing companies are dealing with a lot of competitors that pose a challenge to the efficiency of services that they provide. And though it has changed customer service in many ways, it still is one of the most effective ways.


The emergence of AI and automation was a threat to customer service outsourcing companies for a little while. However, it does not last for long as these companies thought of ways to increase their efficiency and further strengthen the level of services they provide.

One of these companies that kept on strengthening their customer services is DBOS. Located in the Philippines, DBOS is an Australian-owned offshore staffing company that caters to back-office services, digital marketing, IT outsourcing, and outsourced customer support services. Reduce your wage costs up to 70% and get a free consultation with our very own CEO/Founder!