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Did you know that you can outsource these Tasks?

When people think of outsourcing, the first thing that comes to mind is business processes. However, CNBC reports that there are at least 10 personal tasks that people commonly outsource through apps like TaskRabbit or Fiverr.

Susan Johnston Taylor writes:

“Outsourcing makes sense from a dollars and cents perspective, if somebody doing that task for you is cheaper hourly than it would be for you to do it yourself,” says Leah Ingram, money-saving expert and author of “The Complete Guide to Paying for College.” Say you’re a consultant who bills clients at $150 an hour. At first blush, you might have a hard time justifying a housecleaner who charges $100 an hour. But as Ingram points out, “You could be better off spending that time earning money that will end up equaling more in the long run.”

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